Remembering Hurricane Katrina, Ten Years Later in Photos


Today marks ten years since Hurricane Katrina and the levee disaster devastated New Orleans.

(Photo: Mississippi River, a view from the Bywater)

With a series of commemorative events, block parties, and speeches, New Orleans is paying homage and respect to the 1,500 people who died ten years ago in the aftermath of Katrina. You can read more about the anniversary and city-wide memorials here.

(photo: music and celebrating in Armstrong Park)

New York Times Released a beautiful documentary that you can watch on YouTube. The link is below:

New York Times Documentary on Hurricane Katrina


At Southern Spaces, a five year anniversary art installation project was created and inspired by the infamous and mysterious “x” marker spray painted onto the homes in New Orleans.  You can read more about that exhibit here: Southern Spaces.


(photo: brass band on a corner off Frenchman Street)


Over 130,000 people were displaced after Hurricane Katrina; approximately 1,800 people died; and about 80% of the city was flooded.

(below: Saint Roch’s Chapel and Cemetery, restored after Hurricane Katrina)

(Photos by Amanda Lilah Harb, The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess)