The Steampunk and Makers Fair


So, what is this Steampunk and Makers Fair, you ask?

The Steampunk and Makers Fair is part costume play, science & county fair, and part something entirely new, The Steampunk & Makers Fair is an all-ages festival by hosted by Cite des Arts and the Lafayette Science Museum to showcase and celebrate science, technology, education, art and mathematics. The Steampunk and Makers Fair will be held on Saturday, November 7, 2015 in Parc Sans Souci at 201 E. Vermilion St., Lafayette, LA 70501.

Steampunk celebrates 19th century science fiction fun in the modern world. STEAMPUNKERS are diverse innovators – many come and make and showcase their own music, stories, art, costumes and creative 19th century paraphernalia. Making things has been around a long time but the Makers Movement is modern. MAKERS are diverse innovators – many come and make and showcase their own work, designs, and inventions. The Steampunk and Makers Fair is a unique blending of the two groups that represents something new and unique and that is educational fun for the entire family.

As part of our Makers fair, students from Lafayette public & private schools, and students from the University of Louisiana, Lafayette have made impressive presentations and showcases of their work. Professional innovators, inventors, designers, teachers, and industry and community leaders have made impressive presentations and showcases of their work through interactive panel discussions, workshops

L. Clayton Burgess

The New Form
(Lafayette, La.)

Hailing from Lafayette, LA, The New Form combines the use of classic rock and roll instrumentation with a modern take on song structure and dynamics. The band is comprised of Matthew Breaux (Guitar, Vocals), Jared “Jeb” Billeaudeau (Drums, Vocals), Christopher Torian (Guitar), and Grant Gauthreaux (Bass). After playing in his former project, Naybor’s Basement for two years, Breaux decided to expand his sound and start something new. “When Naybor’s decided to take a break, I immediately called up Jeb. When we jammed for the first time, I knew that this was going to be good” said Breaux. They pair set off to find a bassist, and called up Grant Gauthreaux, who played with them in previous bands. Grant accepted the offer and in March of 2013 the trio became The New Form. In Feburary of 2014 the band added Christopher Torian on lead guitar. Playing in countless venues, the group has been acclaimed as being extremely tight and dynamic. With all original material, the group is constantly writing and demoing. They focus on making their live show an energetic and passionate experience for themselves and the listener and plan to begin a tour very soon.