Serial Killer Derrick Todd Lee Dies at 47 Years Old


Louisiana serial killer Derrick Todd Lee, convicted and sentenced to death in the murder of two women, has reportedly died today at a hospital to which he was taken early Saturday for emergency treatment.

Derrick Todd Lee

Lee was taken to the hospital Saturday morning and was pronounced dead at approximately 9:00 am on Thursday, according to Department of Public Safety and Corrections spokesperson Pam Laborde. At this time it is not known what caused his death, pending results of an autopsy.

In September, 2015, the Louisiana Supreme Court rejected the appeal of Lee’s conviction in the 2002 death of LSU student Charlotte Murray Pace in Baton Rouge. His arguments included a claim that the district court did not provide adequate funding to his defense for DNA testing of evidence. The court rejected this and other arguments.

Amy Sanders, the sister of Gina Wilson Green, stated that any time Derrick Todd Lee’s case came up in the news or courts, it felt like a “scab being ripped off”. Speaking on Lee’s death, Sanders stated that herself and her family would “Never have to think about that sorry bastard again.”