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General Personal Injury & Accident Settlement Calculator

Use this accident compensation calculator to understand the underlying value of your accident claims.

Accident Settlement & Lawsuit Claim Amount Calculator

Property Damages -$
Medical Expenses -$
Future Medical Expenses -$
Lost Wages -$
Future Loss of Income -$

Pain & Suffering Multiplier (in a
scale of 1 to 5)-
Non-Economic Damages -$
Total Economic Damages -$

Estimated Settlement Value (Economic + Non-Economic) =

Using & Understanding The Accident Compensation Calculator

This accident claim calculator is an illustrative tool that provides a breakdown of your accident settlement amount. The tool also serves as an insurance settlement calculator to help users understand how insurance companies calculate a claim value.

Property Damage– This is the real dollar value of the expenses accrued due to the repair, replacement, and/or restoration of vehicles and other personal property. For example, an auto repair shop, insurance adjuster, etc., can help determine the property damages to a vehicle for an auto accident.

Medical Expenses– Medical expenses are generally covered by insurance companies of the plaintiff or based on a letter of protection from the attorney. In either case, medical expenses are paid out of the total settlement amount at reduced rates.

Non-Economic Damages Multiplier– It is generally rated on a scale of 1 to 5. However, consult an attorney to determine the exact value of the damages multiplier.

This particular figure varies from case to case. Numerous factors need to be taken into consideration to determine a suitable value, such as:

  • Extent of negligence
  • Severity of Injuries
  • The extent of pain and suffering
  • Disruption to livelihood
  • Emotional trauma

Non-economic damages are calculated by multiplying this value by the total amount of incurred economic damages. For example, if total economic damages come around to $10000 and the non-economic multiplier value is 4, then the total non-economic compensation amount is $40000.

Lost Wages– If your injuries have prevented you from attending work, your loss of income may be included in the settlement. To calculate these, multiply your daily wage amount by the number of lost working days.

Future Loss of Income– This value is determined by the number of working days you are expected to lose due to accident injuries. If it is severe, then the amount is typically quite large.

DISCLAIMER: This accident compensation calculator does not serve as a replacement for professional legal advice. Avail of legal assistance from car and auto accident attorneys for an accurate and valid breakdown of your settlement claims.


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