Alexandria Crash Facts

Alexandria Crash Facts

How does Alexandria rank in drunk driving?

As in most regions, drunk driving is more common in populated areas. Given that, it’s no surprise that Rapides Parish has the highest number for 2015 out of the Central Parishes. Rapides has 538 reported instances for drunk driving for that year, with not quite double the rate of Veron Parish. This is also why drunk driving prevention efforts often focus on larger cities and more populated areas.

What do you think? Do the reported rates match your impressions of drunk driving in the region?

Does Seat Belt use feature in Fatal Crashes?

Thankfully, fatalities from auto crashes are relatively low across the central parishes. What is unfortunate, is of the 10 parishes in the region, 8 feature seat belt use as a factor in a majority of the fatalities. In those 8 parishes, more than half of the fatalities involve seat belts that weren’t used or improperly used.

It’s often tempting to assume the worst of Louisiana in national statistics. But our state isn’t near the worst performing state for seat belt use. In fact, we’re pretty average by national standards. This means that the national push to improve seat belt use has been a success. Individual parishes may lag, but that means we’ve got to keep on top of our progress.

What accidents are most common in Rapides Parish?

In this graph, we’re exploring the types of auto accidents that happen in Rapides Parish. There’s a wide range of violations that are reported for the parish. Three of them stand out as the majority in the reported cases. Those violations are : Careless Operation, Following Too Closely, and Failure to Yield.

What do these have in common? They’re all features of aggressive driving. Aggressive driving is any traffic offense that endanger other drivers. This is in the same category as speeding and weaving in and out of traffic. Do you think aggressive driving is a problem in Alexandria?


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