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Auto Accident Settlement Calculator: How Much Is Your Case Worth?

Are you pondering how much damages you can claim for your case? Well, it may be a lot more than what the defendant’s insurance company wants you to settle for. Researches reveal that auto accident injury and damages claims rise by three to four times on average when a professional legal advisor comes into the picture.

To get a better idea about the value of your claim, use our auto accident claim calculator to determine an approximate valid payment.

Auto Accident Settlement Calculator

1. Medical Expenses ($)

Enter the total amount in your medical bills, including the amounts that you did not pay out ofbyour pocket (paid by an insurance company or others).

2. Property Damage ($)

This field is generally used in case of automotive damage in a car accident. Leave this field at zero in case of any other kind of personal injury claims.

3. Lost Earnings ($)

If you have missed work due to your injuries, enter the sum of your accumulated lost income in this field. If you have availed of any time-off benefits, enter the dollar value compensated by your leave benefits.

4. Future Lost Income

If you will be missing more work due to ongoing medical treatment or will be unable to continue working at your current place of employment after recovery, enter an estimate of the loss of earnings in this field.

5. Future Medical Expenses

If you require further or continual medical treatment for your injuries, then enter the approximate cost of all such treatments.

6. Multiplier For Pain, Suffering & Non-Economic Damages

The multiplier value is used as an estimator for general & non-economic damages—the pain and suffering caused. The more severe, complicate, long-lasting, and painful the injury, the higher the multiplier goes.
Enter value-

Settlement Value Estimates

Economic Damages –
This is the total value of your actual damages or economic loss.

Non-Economic Damages (Pain & Suffering) – (Multiplier value * Economic Damages)

This is the payment for general damages based on the above-chose multiplier. Multiply that value with the economic damage settlement amount.

Estimated Total Settlement Amount-

Please consult with a lawyer to get an accurate breakdown of your settlement claims.
There may be several other factors involved in the calculation of the settlement amount in a personal injury case. The auto accident settlement calculator is a free tool that offers a tentative estimate. Consult with a professional attorney or lawyer regarding the details of your case before making any claim or settlement demands.


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