Baton Rouge Crash Facts

Baton Rouge Crash Facts

What is the worst month for accidents in East Baton Rouge?

Sometimes it seems like Baton Rouge is more infamous for bad traffic than anything else. It is pretty hard to ignore when you’re stuck on I-12 or I-10 for miles and miles. It ebbs and flows with construction, but are some times of years worse for accidents than others.

Thankfully, the number of fatal accidents is vastly smaller than the number of crashes that cause injuries. For 2015, the top months for accidents leading to injuries are March, October, and December. Fatal accidents per month were low and consistent, with November taking the lead. Increased holiday traffic seems like a likely cause for the spike during winter months.

Which road conditions cause the most accidents?

Everyone knows Louisiana’s roads are in bad shape. The question is, how do those road conditions effect accident rates?

Looking at the data collected for the state in 2015, two conditions stand out. Water on the roadway and construction for road repairs take up a large portion of the percentages. It is worth noting that the total amount of road problems is also a significant chunk. Total figures for road problems also features in the most fatal crashes.

How bad is drunk driving in Baton Rouge?

To no one’s surprise, East Baton Rouge leads the region in drunk driving cases. A good portion of this is likely because it is the population hub of the area. It’s also easy to see why DWI checkpoints are in the most populated areas. State statistics like this help state agencies and police departments make decisions about traffic safety.

Are you surprised that the number of DWIs for East Baton Rouge is over 1000 ? Or does that seem accurate to you? Given the high number of DWIs, do you think current enforcement methods are enough?

Baton Rouge Accident Attorney

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