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Boating Accident Attorney

Boating Accidents Attorney

A boating accident is an accident in which a property damage or personal injury occurs  in a watercraft and a second party is at fault.  This may range from commercial boating injuries sustained at work to the collision of a recreational boat with another boat. Boating accidents include things like an explosion on a boat,  sinking, collision, capsizing, or someone going missing at sea.  The types of vessels that this covers is also very broad.  Boating accidents are often complex. This is because boating accidents are often under multiple umbrellas of federal, state, and maritime law.

Boating Accident Facts and Figures

Nationwide in 2015, the Coast Guard tallied the following statistics on recreational boating:

  • 4,158 accidents
  • 626 deaths
  • 2,613 injuries
  • $42 million dollars of property damage

boating accidentOf the known causes of accidents, poor judgement of boat operators was key  Inexperience, inattention, excessive speed, improper lookout, alcohol use, and machinery failure were the top factors in boating accidents. Intoxicated or careless boaters can seriously harm their passengers, other boaters, or swimmers.

Source:  The U.S. Coast Guard Boating Safety Statistics for 2015

Boating and fishing is a part of life in the Lake Charles and wider Louisiana. As such, Louisiana has a higher incidence of boating and fishing accidents than most states. Boating accidents can result in injuries and fatalities. Lacerations, broken bones, and concussions are common injuries, though more serious injuries such as internal damage to organs or hypothermia can occur.

Our personal injury lawyers and boating accident attorneys can help no matter where your boating accident may have occurred. Whether close to Lake Charles or while you are vacationing on a cruise.

boating accident attorney

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