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Car Accident Settlement Calculator

This car accident claim calculator can provide an accurate estimate of the economic & non-economic damages suffered due to a car accident and offers the best guess about the amount that can be awarded in your favor. Please keep in mind that conferring with a professional lawyer is the best way to resolve legal issues and determine the exact value of your claim.


Did the defendant act in a negligent manner? YES NO


Were you at fault somehow? YES NO
If so, mention the approximate percentage. %


Mention the exact date of occurrence of the accident. MM/DD/YYYY


Medical Expenses [The amount of money you have spent on medical bills, hospital expenses, etc. Add up the total amount and mention it here] – $
Property Damage [The amount of money spent to repair or replace the damages of your car or any other personal property] – $
Lost Wages [The total dollar value of the daily wages lost due to absence from work as a result of injuries] – $
Lost Future Earnings [This is the total approximate amount of money lost due to inability to attend work due to injuries] – $
Future Medical Expenses [The estimated amount of future medical expenses related to the injuries] – $


[The compensation for the non-economic damages such as emotional trauma and physical pain and suffering caused by the accident is decided by the jury.] Insurance companies typically rate the pain and suffering experienced on a scale of 1 to 5. If injuries are severe, pain and suffering damages can be rated at around 5. This rating is multiplied with the economic compensatory damages for a general idea about the non-economic damages incurred.

For example, if the pain and suffering rating is five and the compensatory economic damages amount to $20000, then pain & suffering damages will be $ 100000.]

Enter the total compensation value of pain and suffering – $


Total Amount [Economic + Non-Economic Damages] – $

DISCLAIMER: The Car Accident Compensation Claim Calculator does not supplant professional legal advice. Use it to obtain a tentative and approximate unofficial value of your expected settlement.
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