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My vehicle had an accident due to a safety recall. Do I have a case?

Accident Due to Safety Recall

Car manufacturers are responsible for ensuring the safety of their auto parts. If any flaw is discovered, auto manufacturers are legally obligated to notify the car owners. Unfortunately, problems in automobiles arise months or even years after a vehicle hits the market. When there are car accidents that involve vehicles with safety recalls, the injured victim is entitled to get additional compensation in personal injury claims.

If there’s a safety flaw in the vehicle, manufacturers are legally responsible to file a public report elaborating on the:

  • Defect in the vehicle
  • Risks involved in the vehicle
  • The recall schedule
  • Process of rectifying the defect
  • Significant incidents that have led to the recall
  • Notifying owners of the recalled vehicle

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a federal agency, provides information regarding vehicle recalls. The owners are notified when a recall is issued.

Most vehicle owners who purchase cars from reputable dealerships are easy to locate and notified via a ‘recall letter’. But it’s challenging to locate car owners who purchase vehicles from small car dealerships.

Exceptions on Recall Requirements

Car manufacturers are obligated to offer particular ‘remedies’ for all recalled vehicles free of charge. However, if the defects are discovered 10 years after the date of manufacture, the manufacturer won’t be liable for:

  • Repair costs related to the defect
  • Payment to rectify the issue

Seek the Assistance of an Attorney

Whether the car manufacturer was negligent, or whether you were liable for the accident, it’s always better to seek the help of a proficient attorney. In most cases, car drivers resolve claims without any legal assistance. However, a recall may turn out to be complicated. A competent personal injury attorney can always protect your interests in such complex lawsuits.

Accident Due to Safety Recall

Victims Represented by a Trained and Knowledgeable Lawyer Receive More Compensation than Those without an Attorney