Reporting an Accident to Your Insurance Company


Getting involved in a car accident can lead to many complications. Once an accident occurs, the statute of limitations comes into force. At the same time, if an accident victim suffers from serious injuries, adhering to the time frame may become more difficult.

Any person who is involved in a car crash should report the accident to the insurance company. Even in the case of low-speed impact and minor damage, these may turn out to be expensive to fix. The time-frame to report an accident varies for different insurance companies, but it’s best not to delay.

Potential Consequences of Not Disclosing an Accident to the Insurer

Insurance policies contain specific clauses which require drivers to promptly disclose accidents. When you fail to report a crash, it can lead to costly consequences.

Many drivers are concerned that, after an accident, the already-costly premiums could rise. Thus, they prefer to make a private arrangement with the other driver. This decision could turn out to be risky. For instance, you may strike another car’s bumper in low-speed and, since there are no injuries, decide to keep the incident to yourself. However, after a day or two, if the other driver complains that they have been experiencing pain and is now faced with a hefty medical bill, it would mean that the insurance company will get to know eventually. This could result in breach of contract.

As you failed to report the incident, your insurance company may deny the claim completely. This could potentially lead you to shell out money from your own pocket.

Note: If you’re worried about rising premium, your policy may contain a clause of ‘accident forgiveness’. However, if you get involved in accidents repeatedly, your insurer may not be so lenient. Moreover, the extent to which your insurance premium may increase depends on multiple factors, including the intensity of the crash.

Since most of us do not have any legal background, it’s advisable to not make any assumptions after an accident. For instance, don’t assume that you don’t need to report an accident. On the contrary, you should check your insurance policy to confirm how quickly an accident needs to be reported to the insurer. Irrespective of the circumstances, be certain to contact your insurance agent and report the accident.

Apart from informing your insurance company, it’s also important to seek the assistance of professional accident attorneys. Only qualified legal representatives have an in-depth understanding of all the nuances of law and this helps them represent your case in a better manner. Insurance companies also tend to resort to different tactics to ensure that they need to part with the minimum possible reimbursement. When this happens, your legal counsel can help you protect your rights and get a favorable compensation.


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