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Houma Crash Facts

Houma Crash Facts

How many DWIs does Houma have?

We all know that Louisiana likes to get drunk.  Sometimes you have to wonder how drunk your own town is. We grouped the south central parishes together to look at their annual cases of DWIs.

Terrebonne Parish actually ranks behind Lafourche for 2015. 243 people got DWIs that year. If you do the math, that’s actually less than one person a drunk driving in the parish.

How much do accidents cost Houma each year?

The costs of accidents don’t stop at the people involved in them. They cost communities as a whole. This can be lost productivity, strain on courts, and added costs to medical systems.


For 2015, Terrebonne racked up $168.53 million in total accident costs. If you spread that out to everyone living in the parish, that’s $2,187 per person!

How many injuries does Houma have from road accidents every year?

While accidents cost everyone in the community, they also cost society in terms of injuries. Injured people often spend some time not working, or have to rely more on state assistance.

Let’s look at 2015. Drivers in vehicle accidents had the most, totaling 1186 injuries. Next were passengers with 631 injuries. Lastly, there was 21 very unlucky pedestrians involved in auto accidents.