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Lafayette Crash Facts

How bad is drunk driving in Lafayette?

Ever wonder what drunk driving in Acadiana looks like? So did we. We used LSU’s Data Reports project to look at Louisiana’s drunk driving stats. What we found was about what you would expect. Lafayette parish does lead the region in DWIs. This is likely related to Lafayette also having the highest population in the area.

Louisiana has come a long way since the state started cracking down on drunk driving, but we sill have a ways to go.

How dangerous is I-10?

Everyone knows that driving on I-10 can be dangerous. It seems like there’s an accident holding up traffic every day. But how bad is it? Is it really one of the worst corridors in the state?

Looking at 2015’s statistics for state highways- it’s pretty bad. 1-10 had nearly 200 crashes in 2015. A bit less than half of those crashes had injuries. Overall, I-10 accounted for 28% of 2015’s highway crashes. Some of the other highways had more accidents than the state average (I-190 and I-61). However, they don’t come close I-10’s numbers.

How much of a problem are hit and run accidents?

As you can see from the graph, hit and run accidents cause a lot of damage in Louisiana each year. While related injuries and fatalities have remained stable year to year, instances of property damage have climbed. Many of the more rural parishes have very low rates of insured drivers. Do you think this is a problem that varies by parish? Or do you think it’s a statewide problem?

Source: Hit and Run Crashes



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