Lake Charles Crash Facts

Lake Charles Crash Facts

How does Lake Charles rank for DWIs?

Unfortunately, Calcasieu leads the region for yearly DWIs. But it is important to keep in mind that it is the most populated parish of the region. Cameron, by contrast, has the second lowest population out of all Louisiana parishes. Given these differences, the stark gaps between DWI rates is less of a mystery.

Populated metro areas just have more people and more drunk drivers. They also have more college kids, bars, and festivals to drink at. Rural areas also tend to have less man-hours for policing drunk driving. No matter where you live, police can only catch so many drunk drivers. The statistics won’t ever be perfect. Do you think these numbers are about right for this region? Or is there drunk driving issue in your neck of the woods?

What’s the accident rate in Lake Charles?

Excluding Cameron parish, the rates of property damage only accidents range from 47% to 64%. The percentages of crashes that cause injuries are 33% to 52%.

As we mentioned previously, Cameron throws the numbers out of whack because it has such a small population. All of its reported auto crashes are injury crashes. The good news is that all five parishes have low percentages of fatal car accidents.

How much do accidents cost Lake Charles?

It’s no surprise that Calcasieu takes the lion’s share in annual costs. What is interesting is that the smaller the parish population, the more expensive accidents are for local taxpayers. Even with far less accidents per year, Cameron parish pays almost the same per accident as Jefferson Davis Parish. Neither of those parishes are far behind Calcasieu in terms of cost.

No matter where you live, car accidents are costly to Louisiana residents. this is why state and local initiatives to reduce careless and aggressive driving are so important.


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