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Failure to Diagnose Attorney

Failure to Diagnose

For a patient to begin treatment for an illness or injury, first they must have a diagnosis. Sometimes medical providers fail to follow appropriate diagnostic procedures. This may cause physicians to miss important facts. Or, to begin wrong treatments on their patients. A timely and correct diagnosis is a key part of treatment. Many patients suffer because their doctors chose the wrong diagnosis. Some examples of diagnosis failure include:
  • Failing to obtain patient history
  • Insufficient testing
  • Delayed diagnosis


Malpractice Occurrences

The Joint Commission’s Office of Quality and Safety analyzed cases of deaths or serious injury. These cases ranged from 2010 to 2014. They found 522 cases. 415 of which resulted in death. 77 resulted in permanent injury or loss of function. Last of all, 24 required extra care, or extended stay.
Another study by the AHRQ found that 28% of diagnostic mistakes were life-threatening.

Sometimes medical providers rely on obvious physical symptoms. They may also fail to conduct appropriate testing and analysis. You can pay a steep price for treatment delays or failures of treatment.

The leading cause of malpractice settlements in the U.S. is diagnostic error (28%). According to The National Practitioner Data Bank, they also accounted for the highest payments (35.2%). Diagnostic errors resulting in disability occur twice as much as other causes.


Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Proving diagnostic failure requires an attorney with a detailed grasp of medical procedures. Technical knowledge to conduct investigations into patient injuries is also crucial. Failure to diagnose your illness and injuries may be a result of Medical Malpractice. You will need a skilled attorney. We want to help you get compensation and hold medical providers accountable. Our initial personal injury consultation is free. Our office works on a contingent fee basis. We get paid for our services only if there is a monetary award and recovery of funds.

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Failure To Diagnose May Be Medical Malpractice.

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