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Monroe Crash Facts

Monroe Crash Facts

How does Monroe rank for drunk driving?

If you have wondered about the number of DWIs in Monroe, this is the graph for you. Quachita parish enjoys a comfortable lead in the region. 640 DWIs in 2015 to be exact. This isn’t a surprise it’s a major college town and population center. It is also surrounded by smaller parishes with “dry” regions.

Louisiana has a bad reputation for drunk driving over the years. Even with the improvements the sate has seen in drunk driving accident rates. Do these numbers surprise you, or are they about what your expected?

Quachita Parish – Crashes by City – 2015

Locals know that traffic in Monroe can be a chore. Accidents aren’t rare. But what does the bigger picture look like? In this graph, we look at breakdowns of accident types for cities and rural areas.

Due to population density, Monroe, West Monroe, and the combined rural areas have the most data. Monroe has the most injuries from crashes and the most property damage only crashes. West Monroe has similar proportions, but with less accidents overall. Rural areas have the distinction of the most fatal accidents and the most fatal accidents involving alcohol.

What type of cars are most involved in PDO accidents in Monroe?

Based on numbers from 2015, about 90% of the vehicles in PDO accidents are passenger cars, SUVs, or pickup trucks. What this means is that most property damage only accidents involve the most common types of vehicles on the road. The rates of property damage have been climbing from year to year statewide. Property damage can vary from a simple scuffed bumper to a car totaled from veering off the road. Do you think this is a problem that raises adds to Louisiana’s high insurance rates?