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Lafayette Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Placing a family member in a nursing home can be difficult and painful. Families often do not have the resources or skills to care for an elderly family member. Or, if they do, they need extra help at home. They must place their trust in a skilled nursing facility. More than two million cases of abuse reported in nursing homes each year. 1 out of every 10 elderly individuals will experience some sort of elder abuse. Unfortunately, a majority of abuse cases go unreported.

Elder Abuse Cases Reported Each Year:

  • Neglect                                 58.5%
  • Physical Abuse                    15.7%
  • Financial Abuse                   12.3%
  • Emotional Abuse                   7.3%
  • Sexual Abuse                         .04%
  • All Other Types                       5.1%
  • Unknown                                 .06%
Neglect is the most common form of elder abuse. 95% of residents said they experienced neglect or saw another resident neglected. Family members need to look for signs of abuse or neglect. These may not be as obvious as bruises or broken bones. Much of the time, they are more subtle. Like weight loss and dehydration. Muddled or confused thinking can be a sign of over-medication or excessive sedation. Dirty or torn clothing and linens are also a sign of abuse.
Financial abuse is also very common in nursing home facilities. Residents coerced into revising wills, deeds, or trusts. They might unexpectedly withdraw cash from bank accounts, or take out loans. Caregivers may also steal from residents. Theft includes the patient’s identity, not just money or items.

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Placing a family member in a nursing home can be difficult and painful.

Signs of Elder Abuse



Neglect is most often identified by injuries. These can be minor cuts and bruises. Sometimes more severe injuries, like unexplained falling incidents or bed sores. Victims may also be unshaven, dirty, or in soiled old clothing.  Neglect can lead to victims being ill from repeat infections. Conditions normally controlled with medication might resurface.


Physical abuse

Physical and sexual abuse can be hard to spot. It most often encompasses more severe injuries. Especially, injuries that can’t be explained as normal illness or occurrences. Pronounced injuries like bruises, head injuries, or genital injuries are suspect. It’s best to consult with outside resources right away.


Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse usually manifests as mental symptoms in the elderly.  Nursing home staff might be verbally aggressive. Threats, humiliation, shouting, and manipulation are common tactics. Passive forms of emotional abuse may also occur. Ignoring the victim for long periods of time. Or, punishing them by isolating them from other people.


Financial abuse

Financial abuse can be obvious stealing of a victim’s assets. Bank accounts may fluctuate or empty unexpectedly. Valuables may disappear from the victim’s room or home.  In many cases, other forms of financial abuse are indirect. Phone scams, phishing, or unneeded policies taken out in the victim’s name.


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