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Staircase Accidents

Falls down stairs can cause serious injuries. When these occur, the design of the stairs must be considered. Are the stairs in question safe? Did the stairs meet building codes and standards? Some of the factors examined in a defective staircase or premises liability case are:

Inadequate Surfaces

Stair surfaces should provide slip resistance for adequate footing. Surfaces with good grip prevent slipping or tripping. Materials such as carpet should have distinct patterns. Otherwise, they can contribute to a misstep by obscuring the edges of the treads.

Uniform Treads and Risers

It is important that stair treads and risers be the same dimensions. When a stair’s steps are all the same height and dimensions it allows the user to walk evenly up or down. The user may lose balance, trip, or fall if their steps are uneven.


The space between handrails, the strength of their fasteners, and height are considerations. A person should have the ability to easily grasp the handrails. Handrails should also be visible and substantial.


Stairs should be well lit. Users should be able to see where they are putting their feel. Inadequate lighting can cause serious falls.

Victim Fault

These types of claims can be difficult to prove. Insurance companies will blame the victim. Physical disabilities, shoe-wear, clothing, poor vision, are some factors that insurance companies may examine.

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