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Though commercial truck drivers are well-trained in handling the gigantic masses of steel, truck accidents though are still unavoidable, what with so many trucks plying on roads at high speeds. Owing to their gargantuan size, the extent of the damage caused in a truck accident is also huge.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have suffered severe injuries or lost a loved one owing to a truck accident, it is crucial to contact a truck accident lawyer without any delay. An experienced attorney is fully conversant with the State and Federal laws as well as the various tactics used by insurance companies. They can give you the right guidance and help you at every to ensure you get rightful compensation for your mental, physical, and financial sufferings.

Reasons for Truck Accidents

There can be n number of reasons for a truck accident, some of which are mentioned below:

Driver Fatigue

A tired and fatigued driver is dangerous behind the wheels. Sleeplessness can make a driver’s reaction slow, causing them to lose control of the vehicle and leading to a major mishap. The law necessitates truck companies allow sufficient breaks to their drivers, but this rule is often violated. Drivers are often overworked in their bid to meet their deadline and this causes lack of concentration, leading to slow reaction and resulting in collisions.


A speeding truck poses a bigger threat on highways. Because of its sheer size, a commercial truck can cause a lot more damage than a speeding car. Drivers often over speed and as the speed increases the extent of possible damage too increases.

Distracted driver

A driver needs to focus completely on the road ahead, but often, drivers are found distracted, which leads to a major incident. They might be talking on the phone, texting, checking the GPS location, stretching over to pick up something etc. Even a second of distraction from the driver’s side can lead to major tragedies as the size of their vehicle is quite massive and it will be difficult to retain its control.

Driving under influence

Drunken driving is one of the top causes of road accidents. Getting behind the wheels after consuming either alcohol or drugs can seriously impair a person’s alertness and reflexes, leading to major accidents. Even prescription drugs can cause drowsiness; hence, it is strongly recommended not to have them right before driving.

Lack of maintenance

Trucking companies are required by law to keep their vehicles well- maintained. But in order to cut costs, these companies often ignore the proper upkeep of their vital means of transportation. As a result, regular wear and tear leads to malfunctioning of the truck components that many a time results in a mishap.

Why choose us?

Have you or your family member suffered injuries in a truck accident? Are you puzzled about “what to do next” or how to go about seeking the compensation you rightly deserve? Then look no further. At L. Clayton Burgess, we know what you may be going through – the suffering, the confusion, and the complex legal system that does leave one exhausted.

Our attorneys are adept in wading through the complex labyrinth of legalities and what’s more, they are willing to file a claim, take care of the entire documentation, and help you make a recovery for all your losses and sufferings.

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Clayton Burgess attorneys have an enviable status in the area of truck accident assistance in Louisiana. We have an admirable track-record in such cases. We have offices in 8 locations in Louisiana; so, we are always available. Call our toll-free number 877-234-7573 or contact us through email.

Car accidents can wreak havoc on a victim’s life financially, physically, and mentally. The victim can suffer a grave injury or even death depending upon the severity of the injuries. A car accident can force you to stay in a hospital for a long period of time, putting you out of work as well. This is where a professional Car Accident Attorney helps you in pleading your case and getting you the compensation you deserve.

What causes car accidents?

With millions of cars plying on American roads every day, accidents are bound to happen, leading to minor or severe injuries. Here’s a look at some of the major causes of car accidents:

  • Drunken driving:

Drunken driving or driving under the influence of drugs is one of the major reasons behind car accidents. Driving after consuming high quantities of alcohol or drugs significantly increases your chances of meeting with a car accident as one’s reflexes slow down under the influence of these intoxicants.

  • Over speeding:

Speeding is also one of the key reasons behind car accidents. It accounts for almost 30% of all car-related tragedies in the US. Over speeding makes you lose control of your car, leading to fatal mishaps.

  • Driving mistakes:

It means human errors – forgetting to use the indicator while turning, crossing red lights, irresponsible driving etc. Such mistakes can often lead to major car accidents.

  • Manufacturing defects:

Sometime, a manufacturing defect such as a faulty component or a malfunctioning part can also become the cause for a car accident.

In such cases, the concerned car manufacturing company may be liable if the accident is caused by some mechanical failure or defective component like faulty brakes, tires, air bags, or any other car part for that matter.

How hiring a car accident attorney helps

  • Unfortunately, car accidents are a daily phenomenon. Most of these mishaps lead to minor vehicle damage that can be handled easily by an individual by contacting the concerned insurance company directly.
  • However, if a car accident leads to a physical injury, a fatality, or significant vehicle damage, you’ll definitely require the services of an experienced car accident attorney.
  • In case of the loss of a family member in a car accident, it becomes all the more imperative to hire a car accident lawyer to be recompensed adequately, especially if the cause of the accident was reckless driving, over speeding or drunken driving.

Our Services

Our attorneys are knowledgeable and expert in handling different types of personal injury claims related to trucking accidents, bus accidents, offshore accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, brain injuries, and wrongful death.

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Our personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess are highly experienced, knowledgeable, and professional. We offer personal injury assistance literally everywhere in Louisiana and you can visit any one of our offices in eight locations to receive advice. You can call on our toll-free number 877-234-7573 or write an email.

Have you suffered an injury owing to someone else’s negligence or recklessness? Are you inundated by the avalanche of paperwork? Are you confused if you should file a claim or not? If yes, you definitely need to avail the services of an experienced personal injury attorney at the earliest.

What are the different types of personal injury?

Personal injury is a comprehensive term and broadly includes:

  • Vehicle accidents
  • Medical negligence
  • Workplace accidents
  • Products liability
  • Wrongful deaths
  • Hazardous drugs
  • Defamation/Slander/Libel
  • Airplane accidents

Why hire a personal injury attorney?

Hiring a personal injury attorney is crucial when you’re faced with the difficult circumstances of a personal injury. You need the right guidance and a support system that can help you sail through the legalities and formalities and claim your rightful compensation. Here’s how hiring a personal injury attorney helps you:

Benefit from their experience

A personal injury advocate has enough experience to let you know if you are eligible for compensation or not. Your attorney will be the right person to guide you and let you know whether you have a good chance of winning your case, thereby saving your time and effort.

Paperwork and legalities

Complicated legal and medical terms and puzzling paperwork can leave you harassed. A seasoned personal injury lawyer will guide you through the maze of all the documentation and related complexities to win you a fair reward.

Objective approach

When you or your loved one is injured, it affects your capability to think rationally. As you might be going through a difficult situation, you may not be able to act reasonably. But a personal injury lawyer with their objective approach can guide you appropriately and prevent you from making a rash decision.

Dealing with insurance companies

Personal injury lawyers have enough experience of working with insurance companies and are aware of their tactics. They can help and support you properly by not allowing you to buckle under the pressure applied by these insurance companies for accepting an unsatisfactory settlement.

Why should you hire us?

In the unfortunate event when you or your loved one has suffered a personal injury and are on the lookout for a reliable and skilled personal injury attorney, you can trust the solicitors at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess that they will give you the right guidance. They are experienced enough to evaluate your case and let you know the kind of reimbursement you should expect.

We provide legal support in all personal injury cases like those concerning truck accidents, bus accidents, car accidents, product liability or medical negligence. You can contact us for a FREE first consultation.

For any personal injury accident in Pineville, please connect with our lawyers.

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Wrongful death law was enacted to provide justice to those who lose their loved one because of an act of negligence by a third party. The aggrieved are eligible to receive compensation as per the provisions of the law. However, the process can be intimidating because of the complexities associated with it.

Such cases are extremely sensitive and the defendant often employs the best lawyers to represent them whose only purpose will be to deny you your claim or reduce the quantum of compensation you deserve. Hence, proving the guilt of the other party in court can be extremely difficult. You can’t afford to make a single mistake during this whole process as it may affect the outcome of the litigation that you may not like. The compensation amount will depend on various factors like degree of fault, economic status of the defendant, or the extent of dependence of the plaintiff on the deceased.

Why Hire a Wrongful Death Attorney in Pineville

A seasoned wrongful death lawyer in Pineville can make a big difference. They know what needs to be done in such cases to get a favorable result. From filing the paperwork to negotiating with the insurance service providers, they take care of everything to ensure you get just compensation. Here, it is important to understand that wrongful death cases are not criminal in nature and the negligent party can’t be incarcerated; rather, they have to offer a reimbursement for the damage done.

Most people are not familiar with civil court cases and they can proceed only with the assistance of an experienced Pinewille attorney. Wrongful death cases often require immediate action and hiring a seasoned attorney can take a big weight off your shoulders. They can start building the case in your favor by gathering evidences and witnesses’ statements.

A wrongful death attorney ensures you get the full compensation you are entitled to, which will cover things like hospitalization expenses, funeral expenses, emotional trauma, lawyer fees, pain and suffering, future wages, court fees, lawyer fees, and any other related expense.

Why Choose Us

If your loved one has suffered a wrongful death in Pineville and you’re puzzled about “what to do next”, look no further than L. Clayton Burgess. Our attorneys understand the pain, trauma, and suffering you might be going through. They understand what needs to be done to tilt the case in your favor. We ensure you get the maximum compensation you deserve. Unlike other law offices, we don’t act as a settlement mill. Your interests are paramount to us.

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