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Pointe Coupee Trucking Accidents

Truck accident victims in Louisiana can and should demand accountability from the trucking company if the company and/or its driver are at fault for the collision. This can be done by hiring a truck accident attorney from Pointe Coupee who will build a case right from scratch backed by solid evidence and file a lawsuit against the company/driver. Many cases never go to court because a settlement is reached between your attorney and the trucking company.

Our trucking accident attorney works closely with you to make sure no detail is missed regarding the entities connected to the truck, the trailer, and the load.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess will help you determine whether you have a valid claim and how your case will be presented. We offer a FREE initial consultation and help you determine whether to pursue an action in court. Furthermore, you will only work with an accident attorney who has extensive experience handling car and truck accident settlements.

Why do you need legal help?

If the accident wasn’t your fault, an attorney can help you recover damages and get you compensation for all your bills and expenses covered from your pocket. An experienced trucking attorney will make sure the accident scene gets promptly investigated to gather evidence and will bring in an expert to analyze the accident. Building a case takes time, and so does negotiating for the best outcome for you.

A truck accident can get complicated as there are multiple parties involved. You must have in-depth knowledge of the industry and the associated legalities to file a lawsuit against the defendant. Hence, it is necessary to seek advice from a legal professional from the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess. Our attorneys are familiar with trucking laws and personal injury cases and can also seek compensation for your suffering and hardship.

Laws Governing Truck Accidents

The trucking industry follows strict federal laws and regulations to maintain a certain standard and ensure safety and security for the trucking companies, owners, and drivers. The trucking accident lawyers from the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess respond aggressively if a company is unable to meet the standards. They have the required training and skills to help injury victims get the right compensation if a trucking company is responsible for any damage. We have successfully helped thousands of victims recover their damages and get financial security.

In 2015, 45 injuries were reported as a direct result of 33 trucking accidents.

Compare to:

2014, 21 people were injured as a direct result of 23 trucking accidents in Pointe Coupee Parish.

For additional accident injury data visit:

Truck Accident Attorneys

The reasons for trucking accidents can be complicated, and hiring professional Louisiana trucking accident attorneys from L. Clayton Burgess can be beneficial. Our lawyers have the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to help you with the case.

If you or someone you know is a victim of a trucking accident or any personal injury in Pointe Coupee Parish, contact the attorneys at L. Clayton Burgess right away! We have 7 locations throughout Louisiana to provide you with complete legal assistance. Call our Baton Rouge Office:  (877) 234-7573 to schedule a FREE case evaluation with our senior accident attorneys.

Pointe Coupee Car Accident Attorney

Pointe Coupee Parish, pronounced “Point Kóo-Pee” and “Point Coo-Pea” in English (French: Paroisse de la Pointe-Coupée), is a parish located in the U.S. state of Louisiana. As of the 2013 census, the population was 22,499. The parish seat is New Roads.

Pointe Coupee Parish is part of the Baton Rouge, LA Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Pointe Coupee Parish (pronounced point coo-pay) was organized by European Americans in 1805 as part of the Territory of Orleans (statehood for Louisiana followed in 1812). There were minor boundary adjustments with neighboring parishes up through 1852, when its boundaries stabilized.

In 2008, Pointe Coupee was one of the communities that suffered the most damage by Hurricane Gustav.


The major highway is U.S. Hwy. 190.

In 2014, statistics show that 14 people were injured in automobile crashes in Pointe Coupee Parish.

For additional information on accident statistics refer to:

Auto accident victims might be entitled to file for compensation for the damages caused due to the accident. It can include, but will not be limited to, lost work wages, hospital bills, and physical/emotional trauma, but you need an experienced accident lawyer to fight the legal case to get the right compensation.

The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess have experienced and knowledgeable car accident attorneys from Pointe Coupee to help you with any personal injury claims which will include automobile accidents, trucking accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, toxic torts, products liability, birth injuries, and brain injuries, etc. You will not be able to get the compensation if you do not hire a professional lawyer. They can fight any complex case, and help you get the right compensation.

Louisiana Injury Attorneys

Our accident injury lawyers are trained and experienced at handling all types of cases including offshore accidents, brain injuries, and wrongful death claims. Only an experienced accident injury attorney can oversee your claim and fight for the right compensation.

If you or your loved one is a personal injury or other accident victim in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana, reach us at our Baton Rouge Office: (877) 234-7573.

Our highly experienced personal injury attorney from Pointe Coupee will provide you with a FREE initial consultation without any obligation. Our team includes America’s top-ranked Paralegals, Assistants, Clerks, and Investigators who work diligently to get you justice.

Personal Injuries

Are you seeking justice for the injuries and damages you have suffered because someone else caused an accident? Have you been injured at work? Any serious injury must be addressed carefully and with a great deal of legal skill to ensure full and fair compensation is obtained under the law. The quality of your legal counsel is a significant factor in the final outcome of a personal injury claim.

The Louisiana Law Firm of L. Clayton Burgess is committed to representing those who have been seriously hurt or suffered a wrongful death involving someone else’s negligence or intentional actions. You can avail of free initial consultations from our senior attorneys to clarify your queries and get a clear understanding of your legal options. Visit us or call our toll-free number 1-877-234-7573 to schedule a free case evaluation with us.

Louisiana personal injury laws have provisions of accepting legal complaints against people, companies, or government entities that are responsible for the injury caused. Being a victim, you need an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorney from L. Clayton Burgess to secure reasonable compensation for your loss.

Every accident and injury is unique

Some examples are:

Car Accidents; Truck Accidents; Motorcycle Accidents
Construction Accidents
Medical Malpractice
Wrongful Death (Product defects, toxic chemicals/substances, workplace injuries)

Our goal is to help people whose lives are dramatically changed due to a serious accident or fatality. The Louisiana Law Firm of L. Clayton Burgess is committed to representing those who have been seriously hurt or suffered a wrongful death involving someone else’s negligence or intentional actions. In these catastrophic cases it may be possible to recover costs for: Pain and Suffering, Mental Anguish, General Damages, Lost Wages and Future Wages, Medical Bills and Future Medical Bills.

While you focus on getting better, our experienced personal injury attorneys will go to bat for you, aggressively pursuing your best interests and seeking out the justice that you deserve.


As per a report from 2015, 361 injuries were reported majorly due to 173 car accidents. When compared to the 2014 data, it was mostly due to vehicular accidents where victims were mainly pedestrians, passengers, and drivers from Pointe Coupee Parish.

For additional accident injury data visit:

We have experienced Pointe Coupee injury attorneys to help you with any types of personal injury claims inclusive of automobile accidents, trucking accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, toxic torts, product liability, birth injuries, and brain injuries, etc. The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess have top-ranked personal injury attorneys who can fight for your right and get you the compensation you deserve.

Don’t Delay! Call Clay! Our Baton Rouge Office: (877) 234-7573.

Wrongful Death Attorney Pointe Coupee

The reason behind establishing wrongful death laws is to ensure correct compensation for families of victims. It also helps to maintain decorum and acts as a warning for others. Have you lost a loved one due to the negligence of another person, an employer, or a defective product in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana?

The attorneys from the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess have the relevant experience to defend the rights of survivors of wrongful death. Before you hire our wrongful death attorney, call us for a FREE initial consultation.

Common Causes of Wrongful Deaths

There can be multiple reasons behind a wrongful death. Some common causes are automobile car accidents, trucking accidents, construction site accidents, medical malpractice, slip and fall accidents, or defective products. An experienced lawyer can handle your case regardless of the reasons.

Losing a loved one can be a traumatic experience especially if the cause of death could have been prevented. You will get the best support from our Louisiana wrongful death attorneys to ensure justice. They have the skills to thoroughly investigate a case and present solid evidence in court. It is essential to act fast, as every case has its statutes of limitations which are mostly one year from the date of the event. You may not be aware of the guidelines or lack knowledge of different statutes of limitations, so it is all the more important to hire a professional lawyer for extensive guidance.

Wrongful Death Statistics in Pointe Coupee Parish

In 2015, 7 fatalities were reported as a direct result of 7 fatal crashes. Compare to:

2014, there were 7 fatalities as a direct result of 7 fatal crashes in Pointe Coupee Parish. For additional accident injury data visit:

At L. Clayton Burgess, all the wrongful death attorneys have refined legal skills and decades of litigation experience. They can handle all types of personal injury claims – be it automobile accidents, brain injuries, toxic torts, or product liability. They know the tricks to build a strong case and recover the right amount of compensation from the defendant.

If you suffered a wrongful death in Pointe Coupee Parish, or have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, contact us at one of our 7 locations throughout Louisiana. To reach our Baton Rouge Office, call at  (877) 234-7573.

Contact a Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorney

L. Clayton Burgess offers legal assistance across 8 locations in Louisiana including our Baton Rouge Office. Call our toll-free number at 877-234-7573 or contact us by email to learn how we can help you maximize your compensation amount.



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