Lunesta (generic name: eszopiclone) is a prescription hypnotic sleeping pill. Deaths are linked to Lunesta, as they have for many other prescription sleeping pills. However, a new study published in March 2012 suggests that the risks of sleeping pill deaths may be far greater than previously thought.

Risk of Sleeping Pill Death from Lunesta

The study’s authors at the Scripps Clinic –Viterbi Family Sleep Center in La Jolla, California investigated the medical records of tens of thousands of regular or occasional users of sleeping pills and matched controls who never used sleeping pills. In a 2-1/2 year period, 638 deaths occurred among the individuals who took sleeping pills, compared with just 295 deaths in those who didn’t, indicating a significantly higher risk of death among sleeping pill users.

Lunesta Sleeping Pill Deaths

Sleeping pill deaths are a legitimate concern. As a nonbenzodiazepine, Lunesta is a relatively new drug, but since in 2010 Americans obtained approx. 66 million prescriptions for “hypnotics and sedatives” (according to drug-trend tracker IMS Health) there are millions of people who have tried it or use it regularly.

Lunesta Side Effects

The most commonly reported are:

  • vomiting
  • problems with coordination
  • nervousness
  • nausea
  • lightheadedness and dizziness
  • indigestion
  • headache
  • drowsiness; grogginess
  • decrease in sexual desire
  • anxiety
  • an unpleasant taste in the mouth; dry mouth

An additional “side effect” of sleeping pills raised by the study mentioned above is the significantly higher rate of cancer among the study subjects who used sleeping pills, even just occasionally.

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