Important Birth Defect Information: Topamax® links to an increase in the risk for cleft lip and cleft palate in babies whose mothers take the drug during their pregnancies. If your baby is born with a birth defect such as cleft lip or cleft palate and you took Topamax® while pregnant, you might qualify for compensation. .

As an anti-seizure medication, Topamax® (generic name: topiramate) is for the treatment of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (which causes seizures) and for convulsions. It is also prescribed off-label for:

  • migraine headaches
  • bipolar disorder
  • obesity (e.g., binge eating, bulimia)
  • alcoholism
  • cocaine addiction
  • tobacco (cigarettes) addiction
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • neuropathic pain

In fact, the maker of Topamax®, Ortho-McNeil, was fined over $6 million in 2010 by the FDA for promoting off-label uses of Topamax®.

Is Topamax® Linked to Cleft Lip and Palate?

The FDA warned physicians in March 2011 that Topamax® treatment during pregnancy increases the risk of cleft lip and cleft palate. At the same time, the FDA changed the Pregnancy Category of Topamax® to Category “D,” which indicated thatthere is significant evidence of risk to human fetuses from this drug.

Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate

A cleft lip may manifest as a small notch in the upper lip, or it may be a severe, complete bilateral cleft lip. A cleft palate refers to a condition in which the palate does not close properly. Children can be born with one or both.

Most oral clefts can be repaired, but it is not always possible to repair the cleft without leaving a scar or mark. Children with these birth defects face a number of complications, including:

  • difficulties eating
  • ear infections and hearing loss
  • problems with their teeth
  • problems with speech
  • psychological challenges

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