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Overlooked Injuries

  • Often times individuals may suffer personal injuries that are overlooked or misdiagnosed. Emergency room personnel often times deal with the most extreme cases of personal injury that many other less common personal injuries are not noticed. An experienced personal injury attorney is generally familiar with these less common types of personal injury. In addition to helping you understand your legal rights and they can asset you in getting the medical attention you may need.  If you or a loved one have suffered a personal injury, you may have legal grounds to seek compensation. Talk to a personal injury lawyer that is committed to helping clients who have suffered a significant personal injuries due to burns. Don’t delay! Call Clay now!

    Common overlooked personal injuries include:

    Temporomandibular Joint Injury (TMJ)

    Delay in diagnosing TMJ injury and closed head injuries may be caused by how the personal injury is perceived by both the doctor and the victim. Victims tend not to have the objective outward appearance of injury. What they have is a sensation of pain which – at least originally – stems from the cervical spine.

    It is important to understand the mechanism of injury if an accurate diagnosis is to be made. In the typical “whiplash” injury, a victim’s head, sitting free above the seat, is whipped toward the point where the car is struck. For example, in a rear-end collision, the car is pushed forward, and the victim’s head is whipped backward.

    The lower jaw is connected by muscles both to the head and the sternum. Consequently, in the hypothetical situation, the muscles associated with the temporomandibular joint are placed under extraordinary pressure, pulling the jaw open and exerting tremendous force on the sides of the skull where the jaw is attached to the cranium. The focal point of the force associated with the rapid and severe movement in a whiplash-type injury is the temporomandibular joint.

    Soft Tissue Injuries

    Some soft tissue personal injuries such as injuries to a muscle, ligament and tendon throughout the body may seem minor at first. However, as time progresses, these personal injuries can become much worse and may involve a fracture. Left untreated, some of these personal injuries never heal properly and cause lifelong pain and inconvenience. Also, if the blood supply is cut off, other conditions like gangrene may occur which could be deadly.

    Emotional and Psychological Damage

    Accidents can also cause emotional and psychological damage. For instance, many people who are hurt in car wrecks may abstain from driving which could affect their ability to work or overall quality of life.

    Studies suggests that at least one-third of all people involved in nonfatal accidents have post-traumatic stress disorder, persistent anxiety, depression, and phobias one year after the incident.

    Internal Organs

    Often time car accidents will cause internal injuries. Those personal injuries include kidneys, bowels, liver, lungs, the spleen and the heart. Often times fractured ribs will occur and could puncture the lungs or other internal organs. Spleens can be torn and might requires days of hospitalization.

    Other injuries that may occur in a car accident include broken limbs like arms, forearms, hands, shoulders, fingers and wrists. They are often immobilized and put into casts or splints. Lower limbs such as legs, hips, heels knees, feet or ankles can include bone or ligament damage. Surgery and or casting are often used to repair these injuries.

    Traumatic Brain Injuries

    If you or a loved one has been involved in a motor vehicle accident, you may have legal grounds to seek compensation. Talk to a personal injury lawyer that is committed to helping clients who have suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident. Don’t delay! Call Clay now! We provide an initial consultation FREE of charge to you regardless of whether you retain our services.