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Ruston Crash Facts

How does Ruston measure in DWI’s?

While North Louisiana isn’t as notorious as New Orleans and Acadiana for partying, the region still has it’s share of drunk driving. That’s even with the six parishes in the area who have “dry” regions.

Does Ruston have distracted drivers?

All told, Lincoln Parish had 157 cases of reported distracted driving in 2015. Only 8 of those were for cellphone usage. Most were from drivers being distracted by other things in or outside of their vehicles.

Popular notions of drivers on cellphones are a comedy gag. But, sometimes the reality of the situation falls short. Do you think this shows the true number of  distracted drivers in Ruston? Or are these the only ones getting caught?

What time of the year do youth drivers get into the most accidents?

Younger drivers are at higher risk for accidents. They pay higher auto insurance rates because of this. But, what time of year do they get into the most accidents?

For Lincoln Parish, October and September have the most youth accidents, with 15 crashes each month. May and April have the lowest. This could be because students are more active during the fall. There are also more sporting events that tie into social drinking.


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