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Elderly Relatives V SUV Driver, Insurance Company

Client’s Settlement:


Case Type:

Auto Accident

Case Duration:

2014 – 2016

In 2014, a man in his 60s and his elderly father were traveling on a rural highway in Iberia Parish. They were stopped in a left turn lane waiting to turn. Their SUV was struck from behind by a distracted driver going about 45 miles per hour. The force of the impact knocked the men’s hats off their heads. Unfortunately, the airbags in their vehicle did not deploy. The men were knocked forward by the crash and hit the dashboard. Both the man and his father sustained lasting injuries from the crash.

The driver developed severe back and neck pain. Six months of physical therapy was unproductive for him. Eventually, he had to have a disc replacement on his neck and a spinal fusion on his lower back. He suffered with anxiety and depression because his quality of life and mobility declined after the accident. The man’s elderly father collided with the dashboard on the right side of his body. This injured his right shoulder, right knee, neck, and his back. Even though he was elderly, he had been quite active and in good health before the accident. Afterwards, he was bedridden most days, and barely able to walk with a cane on his best days.


The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess moved the case into mediation. Over the course of two years, extensive reviews of the medical costs and the prognosis of our defendants was collected. Due to the extent of the injuries, a settlement offer was reached. Our clients were awarded with a settlement of $174,000.

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