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Client’s Settlement:


Case Type:

Auto Accident

Case Duration:

2013 – 2015

In 2012, a Lafayette driver was stopped at a yield sign to merge onto Highway 90. She was hit violently from behind by the vehicle following her in traffic. Both cars came to rest on the shoulder of the road. The driver who hit our client was clearly at fault. Even so, getting the insurance company of the at-fault vehicle to honor their policy was not so cut and dry. This client came to us after being dissatisfied when dealing with insurance after the accident.

Before the accident, our client was an active middle-aged woman. She was looking forward to a promotion at her office. Our client was left with constant and severe back pain following her accident. Spinal surgery and physical therapy didn’t do much to help with her symptoms. When she couldn’t return to work after a six month leave, she lost her job and her work insurance. Unable to get out of bed due to her injuries on some days, our client struggled with anxiety, depression, and PTSD. She also needed $10,000 worth of repairs to get her car drivable again.


The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess was able to negotiate a settlement offer for our client. Depending on her response to treatments, she may or may not be able to work regularly again. But she can rest assured that her medical care and daily needs will be covered by the settlement amount.

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