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Rural Truck Driver v Insurance Companies

Client’s Settlement:


Case Type:

Personal Injury

Case Duration:

2010 – 2012

In 2009, our client was driving her truck through Vermilion Parish. Another driver (also in a truck) turned left immediately in front of our client. The client could not stop in time. As a result, she crashed into the other vehicle. Her truck was totaled in the accident.

Our client was an independent person before the accident. She also enjoyed a working in an industry where she could be physically active. This included living a rural lifestyle and looking after small plot of farmland. She had no prior disability or health complaints before the accident.

After the accident, our client suffered injuries to the back and neck. Her neck injury improved with surgery. In contrast, her back injury was resistant to standard treatment. Back surgery, while successful, did little to stop her back pain. Her other symptoms didn’t improve. Both spinal surgeries left her with reduced mobility. She also suffered with recurring headaches and constant back pain. So much so that standing or sitting for more than thirty minutes was impossible. Despite the severity of our client’s injuries, her insurance claim was denied. The insurance companies argued that her injuries were from preexisting arthritis.


The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess embarked on lengthy a discovery process. The depositions ran over several sessions. This included consulting with doctors and a voc rehab expert. The case then proceeded to mediation. Ultimately, the case was settled for $103,408.26 for pain and suffering, economic losses, and medical expenses.

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