Shreveport Crash Facts

Shreveport Crash Facts

What is Shreveport’s Drunk Driving rate?

Drunk driving is a problem across Louisiana. In this graph, we take a closer look at Shreveport and the surrounding parishes. First of all, Caddo parish leads the region with 1,071 DWI’s for 2015. However, the four parishes have very similar rates of DWIs across their populations. The main difference is the number of people living in each parish. That said, do you think these numbers reflect the true number of people drinking and driving? Or do you think that there’s people that aren’t caught?

When do most accidents happen in Shreveport?

In this case, evening rush hour traffic takes the cake. From 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., Caddo Parish has at least 200 car crashes each year. This means 200 or more people have an accident severe enough to cause injuries. That’s 200 people who end up with medical bills, damaged cars, or increased insurance rates. In all, that’s a lot of pain and expense for the residents of Caddo Parish to deal with. Especially when you look at the numbers for each hour.

How many people are injured in Shreveport auto accidents?

We looked at the area’s injury rates in the last graph. But lets take a closer look at the people who are injured in auto accidents. The numbers in these statistics are bit different than the last.

First of all, there’s Caddo Parish. It has 60 crashes with injuries. Those 60 crashes produced 107 injured drivers and 9 injured passengers. If 116 seems off, remember, most crashes involve two or more drivers.


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