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Truck Accident Settlement Calculator

Find out How Much Your Truck Accident Claim Is worth Right Now

Try out our free semi-truck & 18-wheeler truck accident settlement calculator to quickly estimate the approximate settlement value of your accident involving a semi-truck, bus, or any heavy commercial vehicle.

Truck Accident Settlement Calculator- Possible Case Value

Consulting with professional lawyers and attorneys remains the very best and most secure way to determine the value of a case. This truck accident settlement calculator below will help you estimate your financial damages and get the best guess regarding the settlement amount that can be awarded in your favor.

Did the defendant act negligently? YES NO

Fault Percentage
Were you at fault? YES NO
If yes, mention the approximate percentage.

Accident Date
Tell us when the accident occurred- mm/dd/yyyy

Compensatory Economic Damage

Medical Expenses – $
Add up the total amount of all your medical bills.

Property Damage – $
How much will it cost to repair the damage or replace the vehicle or any other property that has been damaged or destroyed?

Lost Wages – $
This is the total dollar value of salary lost due to missed working days. For example, if your daily wage is $200 and you have missed 10 days of work due to the accident, then total lost wages would be $2000

Lost Future Earnings – $
This is the total dollar value determined for the wages that you stand to lose in case you are not able to rejoin your work immediately. Say, if you are unable to attend work due to the severity of injuries for 15 business days, then multiply 15 with your daily wages.

Pain & Suffering Damages

These are the non-economic damages that generally get decided by the jury.
For example, many insurance companies rate the pain & suffering damages on a scale of 1 to 5. That rating is then multiplied by your economic damages to calculate the non-economic pain & suffering damages. – $


*DISCLAIMER: The Semi-Truck Accident Settlement Calculator is not a replacement for professional legal advice. It is only meant to provide a general estimate and does not guarantee the outcome or determine the exact settlement value of a case. Each case is different with different associated circumstances.

Professional legal advisors at L. Clayton Burgess stand ready to extend the best possible assistance for your case. Banking on their formidable skills and exceptional experience, they will give your case the necessary attention it needs and help you get the money you deserve.


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