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Truck accidents are often more complex compared to accidents involving other vehicles such as cars or bikes. The impact in truck accidents is far more than what it is during a collision between two passenger vehicles because of the size, mass, and speed. Even the slightest mistake of a driver can lead to a fatal accident or serious injuries. The cases pertaining to truck accidents are also more difficult to litigate because they involve high stakes and the compensation can be substantially higher. Because of all this, only an experienced attorney, who also knows the intricacies of insurance claims, can handle such cases with confidence.

Types of truck accidents

Some of the major types of truck accidents involve:

  • Hit and run collision
  • Rear end collision
  • Rollover crashes
  • Fuel truck collision
  • Cargo truck

Reasons to hire experienced truck accident attorney

Handling a truck accident lawsuit requires comprehensive experience in dealing with such cases and a thorough understanding of all the federal and state laws related to commercial vehicle regulations. The outcome of a lawsuit largely depends on the report of the experts who try to find out the reasons behind the accident, which also helps determine the quantum of liability for the trucking company in question.

They investigate whether:

  • the accident was caused by driver’s negligence.
  • it was caused due to driver’s fatigue.
  • faulty truck equipment was responsible for the accident.
  • the driver was properly trained.
  • the driver was drunk or had taken drugs.

An experienced attorney looks into many subtle evidences to prove their points such as:

  • Black box recording
  • Drivers’ log
  • Phone and text record
  • Police report
  • Witness testimonial

These records are used to present your case to an insurance company or a jury if it does reach the trial stage. Apart from this, the liability in a commercial vehicle accident can fall on the truck driver, their employer, the truck manufacturer or the cargo company that loaded or unloaded products. That’s why it’s extremely important to hire a knowledgeable attorney in such truck accident cases. They can help you present your case in the best possible manner and try to reach a settlement with insurance companies quickly.

So, if you have become a victim of a truck accident in Vinton that involved a commercial truck, a cargo truck, an 18-wheel commercial vehicle, a garbage truck or any other large size commercial vehicle, you should contact our truck accident attorneys at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess immediately. Since witnesses may forget the incident as time passes, the sooner you call, the better it will be for the outcome of your case. Delay in such cases may rob you of your right to compensation.

In addition to truck accidents, our truck accident lawyers in Vinton are highly adept in handling personal injury insurance claims pertaining to large commercial vehicles. Apart from tackling truck accident cases with ease, our experts also handle different types of personal injury claims such as bus accidents, offshore accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, brain injuries, and wrongful death.

We have a team of experts that works closely with paralegals to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess provides personal injury assistance anywhere in Louisiana. Our personal injury attorneys are highly experienced and they will help you present your case efficiently in order to help you get the reimbursement you are looking for. You can call on our toll-free number 877-234-7573 and can also contact us through email.

Car accidents can be devastating and they may result in a serious injury or even death if the accident is serious. Victims may suffer monetarily because of hospitalization, surgery, loss of income, and other post-rehab expenses. It may also put you out of work for a long time or may damage your car permanently. These are the scenarios wherein you require the service of an experienced car accident attorney who could help you present your case in the best possible manner.

Causes of car accidents  

Millions of cars ply on the roads in the US and thousands of people are injured every year due to car accidents. Here are the four main reasons that lead to these mishaps:

  • Over speeding: Speeding is the most significant reason behind car accidents. It accounts for almost 30% of all car accidents in the US alone.
  • Drunken driving: It is also known as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It falls under the category of human errors. Studies have proved that taking drugs or alcohol increases the probability of car accident multiple times.
  • Manufacturing defects: Though it is not a common cause, accidents may happen if a car is not built properly or some part of it doesn’t work efficiently. In such circumstances, the car manufacturer may be liable if the accident is caused by some mechanical failure or faulty component, which may include faulty brakes, tires, air bags, or other such car parts.
  • Driving errors: This includes reckless driving, failing to use turn signals, crossing red lights or other types of aggressive driving. Such mistakes often result in serious accidents.

Why hire an accident attorney?

It’s important to know that a majority of car accident cases are settled out of court. Hiring a car accident lawyer who has experience in handling such cases can be a big plus for you since they will have extensive knowledge of the federal and state-specific laws pertaining to accidents. Hiring a car accident attorney can be beneficial in the following three ways:

  • They will investigate your case and ensure that insurance companies don’t raise any objection to deny your claim. The attorney will even negotiate directly with the insurance companies on your behalf so that you don’t have to face the ordeal of dealing with them.
  • They will be responsible for full and fair recovery. A car accident lawyer in Vinton can ensure you are properly compensated for the full range of damages that you incur. Insurance companies often try to reduce the compensation amount. An attorney can help you get the maximum coverage in such circumstances.
  • Legal professionals can be extremely helpful in tricky circumstances; for instance, when the police report is not in your favor and it puts the onus of the accident on you.

Our Services

Our attorneys are knowledgeable and skilled in handling different types of personal injury claims related to trucking accidents, bus accidents, offshore accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, brain injuries, and wrongful death.

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Our personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess are highly experienced, knowledgeable, and professional. We offer personal injury assistance anywhere in Louisiana and you can visit our offices in eight locations to receive advice. You can call on our toll-free number 877-234-7573 or write an email.

Personal injury law covers circumstances in which an individual is hurt physically, emotionally or mentally due to the negligent or careless act of another person. In a personal injury, the victim is also known as a ‘plaintiff’ and the accused person is called ‘defendant’.

Personal injury lawsuits allow a plaintiff to get reimbursed for all the damages they suffer. Personal injury though covers any kind of case in which a person is hurt.

Some of the common causes of personal injury include:

  • Car accidents
  • Slipping and falling
  • Accidents at the workplace
  • Product liability

How is a Personal Injury Claim Calculated?

Personal injury cases are complicated and it’s sometimes impossible to calculate an appropriate compensation amount. To make an accurate estimate, it’s important to address a number of key issues. Personal injury usually falls in two important categories namely:

  • Past and future expenses
  • Damages for pain and suffering

Reasons To Hire Personal Injury Lawyer                      

After you’ve become a victim of a personal injury, you may be of the opinion that you can easily handle the claim and recover all the damages on your own. The truth is insurance companies make an utmost effort to pay the minimum possible amount.

By seeking the assistance of a personal injury lawyer, you can enjoy a number of benefits such as:

  • Attorneys can handle the cumbersome paperwork and also adhere to the stringent deadlines.
  • Trained and experienced solicitors have an in-depth understanding of laws. This, in turn, allows them to gather evidence efficiently.
  • Apart from pursuing your claim, attorneys will also fight for your case to ensure that you get the reimbursement amount that you are entitled to.

Our Impeccable Legal Services

When you need reimbursement for medical expenses, emotional and physical pain etc., don’t make the mistake of learning the law overnight. Rather, seek the assistance of attorneys in recovering your due damages. Experienced lawyers have the necessary skills and resources to get you the most suitable compensation.

If you are based in Vinton, Lake Charles, you can reach out to the attorneys at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess instantly. Apart from handling personal injury claims impeccably, the solicitors have years of hands-on experience in tackling cases such as those concerning truck accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, toxic torts, workplace accidents, birth injuries, and brain injuries among many others.

The solicitors here work diligently with a team of Paralegals, Clerks, and Assistants to ensure that you get the most appropriate reward for your losses.

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The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess offers personal injury assistance anywhere in Louisiana. With offices in 8 locations spread across Louisiana, we are never far away. Call our toll-free number 877-234-7573. Our legal specialists are readily available and will talk to you about how we can help you receive the compensation you deserve. You can also contact us through email.

Wrongful death is applicable in those cases where a defendant’s action results in the death of a person whose family has no other means for survival. They may suffer because of the absence of the only earning member of their family. The sole purpose of this law is to provide compensation to a surviving family for the financial loss they suffer. Wrongful death law is applicable in all states of the US, but they differ in many ways such as the time limit for filing the lawsuit and the amount of damage that can be claimed it. Here are some of the reasons behind wrongful death:

  • Automobile accidents
  • Medical negligence
  • Workplace accident
  • Criminal activity
  • Product liability

Benefits of hiring a wrongful death attorney

It is to be noted that plaintiffs must meet certain prescribed elements of the statute in order to successfully get their due compensation. Failing to meet these conditions may result in the dismissal of their case. Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable wrongful death attorney can make a big difference in such cases. They can help you file your claim immediately and start gathering supporting evidences and witness statements to prove your case.

Such cases are far more complex than a normal personal injury case. Proving the negligence of a plaintiff is not easy at all and only an experienced wrongful death attorney in Vinton who has handled such cases earlier can do justice to it. For instance, if a construction worker falls from a scaffolding because it was poorly built, it is one thing; however, if the same worker falls from a scaffolding because his shoes tripped while working will be a different matter altogether. To prove negligence means an attorney needs to prove that the death happened because of a willful misconduct. Missing out on minor technicalities can lead to the dismissal of the blatantly obvious claims and plaintiffs can be vilified by defendants.

Moreover, wrongful death lawyers understand the civil legal system better and they know how to negotiate in such cases.

Our legal services

Fighting wrongful death litigations is very difficult and the success rate is quite low in these cases. Our solicitors at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess, however, are adept in handling such legal issues. They have an impeccable track record of handling a number of wrongful death claims along with personal injury claims pertaining to commercial vehicle accidents, automobile accidents, workplace accidents, medical negligence, products liability, birth injuries, offshore accidents, brain injuries, and wrongful death. We understand the pain and agony of losing your loved one.

If you are looking for the right legal advice, you’ll be happy to know we offer a FREE initial consultation to analyze your case. The best part is that our attorneys work with a team of paralegals, clerks, assistants, and investigators, which helps us to get the maximum possible compensation for you.

You can contact the personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of L. Clayton Burgess today.

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