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Thousands of people sustain serious injuries because of the giant trucks plying on roads, thanks to their gargantuan size, weight, and speed. Though trucks play a vital role in ensuring the wheels of an economy keep moving, they also pose a big danger to the safety of the other people and smaller vehicles on roads. As per the US Department of Transportation, roughly 500,000 truck accidents are reported every year. Being injured in a truck accident turns life upside down because of the huge hospitalization cost and loss of income.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

The working conditions in the trucking industry are extremely stressful. Drivers work under stiff deadlines. The industry is also highly regulated and one has to follow many safety obligations. Many truck drivers fail to follow these regulations and guidelines, which results in accidents. Overspeeding, overloading, driving under alcohol influence, lack of sleep, poor maintenance, bad weather, ignoring traffic rules, improper road designs, sharp turns, and switching lanes without proper indication are the common causes of truck accidents.

The implications of truck accidents are far worse. They may result in brain injury, spine injury, broken bones, disfigurement of body parts, and scrapes and bruises.

What You Can Do

If you or any of your loved one has suffered a truck accident injury, without further delay, you should hire an experienced truck accident attorney. Delaying in such cases can create problems at a later stage since the lawyers of trucking companies may tamper with the evidence. Some evidences such as key witnesses may be lost forever if you delay.

If you hire a truck accident lawyer, the latter can request the court to stop the other party from tampering with evidence. These things can make a big difference to the outcome of a case.

Why Hire an Attorney

An experienced and qualified attorney knows how to prove the fault of the other party, which requires deep and comprehensive investigation at every level. They don’t accept an insurance company’s prima facie version. Their approach is to find the negligence of the other party. They study the medical and police reports, recreate the scene of the accident, check the vehicle maintenance record, video footage if any, go through the cellphone records, and talk to eyewitnesses. Apart from this, they handle the necessary paperwork and negotiate with the concerned insurance company.

Calculating the right compensation amount is also a challenge. An experienced attorney knows what factors to add as missing a simple one can make a big difference to the total settlement amount.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Louisiana

You need to shed every doubt in the mind, come to any of our 8 law offices in Louisiana, and discuss your matter freely with our expert attorneys. We’ll study your papers and then offer a FREE initial legal consultation. We offer legal services for the entire ambit of personal injury that includes car accident, truck accident, slip and fall, construction site accident, and offshore and railroad accident. Many clients in the past, who lost all hope to receive compensation, successfully got the claim they deserved. What are you waiting for? Drop an email or call us.

If you’re one of those unfortunate persons in West Monroe who has been injured in a car accident because of the negligence of another person, the first thing you need to do is to get in touch with a competent attorney who has experience in handling car accident settlements in the town or the state of Louisiana.

The law prevalent in the state allows you to file a lawsuit, demanding damages for the injuries and resulting losses you have suffered. It is not that you just face direct financial losses due to a car accident. You may also undergo a lot of mental trauma. What’s more, you may not able to earn for a long time. These things may make the whole case complex and you’re going to require the continual support of a qualified attorney to get through the legal quagmire.

Case Settlement

A settlement is an agreement between two parties i.e. the injured and the defendant. In many cases, an insurance company may be there defending the case. Whatever it may be, if you’re satisfied with the amount the other party is offering as damages, you can go for an out–of-court settlement.

However, even in cases wherein you eventually decide to reach for a settlement, the active involvement of a lawyer becomes crucial as the process involves complex negotiations with the defendant. You may also find it hard to arrive at an appropriate settlement amount. Monetizing various types of physical, mental, and emotional trauma is quite convoluted and you’re going to find it hard without the active support of an experienced attorney.

There may be cases wherein the jury could feel sympathetic with the defendant. This may happen when there is no insurance company involved and the jury feels the defendant may end up paying from their own pocket. The experience of a seasoned attorney will come in handy in such cases.

What More You Need To Know

Here’re a few more things you should know while filing a car injury lawsuit in West Monroe:

  • The state has placed a one-year statute of limitations on car accident injury cases.
  • Louisiana has accepted the theory of comparative negligence. It means that if the court finds that the injured party is also at fault, the damages may be reduced according to their percentage of fault.
  • The minimum insurance limit is very low in Louisiana. The law requires drivers in West Monroe and other parts of the state to buy a $10,000 bodily injury minimum insurance policy. This places limits on the recovery you may receive from the defendant.

Hire West Monroe Car Injury Attorney

You need a West Monroe attorney who can significantly boost the chances of you getting a favorable verdict in court. The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess, counted among the top legal firms in the state, has a robust track record in car injury cases.

A personal injury stemming from car wreck, truck accident, slip and fall, animal bite, offshore accident, and pedestrian accident causes financial and emotional distress, and you’re left to grapple with mounting medical bills, loss of income, and vehicle repair expenses. If you think someone else is responsible for your suffering, the Federal and State laws allow you to file a lawsuit under the personal injury laws. You’re entitled to receive compensation from the erring party. You’ll, however, need to prove that the defendant failed to perform a reasonable duty of care that resulted in accident. This is not an easy task and only an experienced attorney can help you.

Injuries Caused in Accidents

  • Broken bones – Accidents may result in multiple fractures such as broken pelvis, femur etc. These injuries involve a long recovery. In some cases, body parts are permanently impaired.
  • Damages to soft tissues – These include damages to ligaments, tendons etc. and muscle-related injuries. Injuries in knees and shoulders or the carpel tunnel syndrome can be really painful.
  • Eye injuries – Some auto accidents may cause visual impairment, which can be emotionally painful.
  • Internal injuries to organs – When the shock level in accidents is high, it may result in hemorrhage or organ damage, which may not be diagnosed initially.
  • Dislocation: Facial scars or altered appearance can have a profound psychological impact, especially on children.

Making a Strong Case

You can receive the compensation you deserve only when your case is strong enough to convince insurance companies and the jury. You need to prove the guilt of the other party and explain your financial hardship and emotional heartache. Our lawyers deeply investigate a case and evaluate the concerned reports. If required, they also recreate the accident scene.

Lastly, they negotiate with insurance companies, which is the toughest part. Since we invest a lot of time in building a strong case, we are sure of the outcome. If insurance companies refuse to fall in line, we proceed to court to receive a favorable order. The way we approach a case, insurance companies know very soon that you’re serious about the whole thing.

Our Legal Services

We provide an entire range of personal injury services:

  • Auto accidents: When insurance companies know that their insured is at fault, they try to pressurize the plaintiff through different ways. Our attorneys can help you manage such situations.
  • Commercial Vehicles: Accident cases pertaining to commercial vehicles are complex because of the different levels of accountability, which needs to be taken care of. Missing any can lower the amount of compensation.
  • Medical Negligence: Recognizing medical negligence is a tough job and it’s also difficult to prove it in court. Our experienced lawyers can produce actionable results.
  • Other cases: We have a team of specialized attorneys to handle the different cases pertaining to dog bite, slip and fall, hit and run, offshore accident, and wrongful death.

Personal Injury Attorney in Louisiana

We have 8 offices in the state of Louisiana; so, you can reach out to us easily wherever you are. Come to our office to discuss the matter. Our initial legal consultation is absolutely FREE.

The trucking industry is considered a blood vessel of the US economy, but trucks are also the main culprit behind serious road injuries and fatalities. Thousands of crashes are reported every year in the US and hundreds die because of these fast–zipping, mammoth machines. Truck drivers are under extreme pressure to reach their destinations timely and this prompts them to ignore the safety standards. Trucks are often overloaded and driven under influence. If you or your loved one has suffered an injury because of the negligence of a truck driver, Louisiana personal injury laws allow you to file a lawsuit to receive compensation and recover your losses.

Why Trucking Accidents Are Complex

Truck accidents are different from other auto accidents and personal injury cases. Federal laws and other motor vehicle regulations necessitate the maintenance of driver logs, data records, and details of work schedule. If a car rams into a vehicle, it’s not easy to prove that the driver was exhausted. In trucking accidents, however, such things can be proved. If a driver has driven continuously for 16 hours, their log book will testify this. Trucks also contain a data recorder, which is like a black box.  It reveals how the truck was being operated prior to the accident.

Why Hiring a Truck Accident Attorney is Important

The different rules and the need for extensive research aside, what separates truck accident cases from those involving car mishaps is the insurance amount that is much greater in the case of the former. The financial aspects of these cases often have injured victims facing a team of truck accident lawyers committed to minimizing the compensation amount. With so much at stake, you cannot afford to hand your case over to an attorney who is not dedicated to getting you the best possible result.

Trucking accidents are more complex than a car crash and they demand extensive and deep research at every level because the quantum of compensation is high. This also means that you’ll have to face a team of dedicated truck accident lawyers whose only goal will be to minimize or refuse your claim by using every conceivable trick in the book. Not hiring an attorney means you’re doomed for sure.

Personal Injury Attorney in Louisiana

If you’re looking for a trusted truck accident lawyer in Louisiana, look no further and come to the law offices of L.Clayton Burgess. We have a team of highly experienced and professional lawyers who have helped thousands of clients receive compensation when they lost all hope. We have 8 offices in Louisiana; so, wherever you live, you’ll never find us far away.

You get the initial legal consultation absolutely FREE. This also helps you understand your case better. So, don’t delay; drop an email or call us to discuss your matter over a cup of coffee. We’ll be glad to talk to you. However, bring all your important papers as this would help us provide better guidance.

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