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How Long Will It Take to Settle My Car Accident Case?

Sustained injuries in a car collision that wasn’t your fault? You have the right to file compensation for all the losses and damage you’ve suffered. When you decide to pursue a personal injury claim, the first question that comes to your mind is: how long will it take? Several factors decide the time required to resolve your case. Our expert Lafayette injury attorneys distill everything down to chart the factors that may impact the duration of your case:


When another driver’s negligence leads to an accident, they are accountable for the damage and injuries. However, in some instances, there’s disagreement about whose fault led to the accident. If you have trouble proving the liability, it may slow down the entire settlement process.

There are times when your medical professional may find it difficult to prove that the injuries were caused due to the accident. In such cases, insurance companies deny compensation right away. At such a time, another doctor needs to be consulted who can testify that the injuries were the result of driver negligence. This process will add up to the time required for settlement.

When the insurance company accepts a claim request and makes an offer, you can either take the offer or negotiate for a better settlement. Only an experienced lawyer can help you understand the pros and cons of each and decide the best path for you. If you straightaway accept the claim, it will get settled sooner, whereas if you plan to negotiate for a better settlement, it may take longer.


Another factor that plays a dominant role in how long a car accident collision claim will take is the severity of your injuries. If the injuries are serious, it may take a while for the medical professional to determine the extent of the damages. On the other hand, less significant injuries, such as soft tissue injuries, whiplash, and body pain, may require additional evidence, as these injuries are a part of deceitful claims.

Insurance companies most times intend to minimize a victim’s claim. It is usually seen that at such times insurance adjusters delay the application hoping that the victim will get tired of waiting and drop the claim. In case there are multiple losses, they may also take extra time to investigate your case, thereby delaying the entire process.

If your insurance company agrees for a fair settlement, the process to receive the check takes around four to six weeks. The insurance company will ask you to sign a release form. Once the insurance company gets the release form, they will pay the amount agreed on.

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By adopting a few of the following steps, you can expedite the claim process:

  • Follow your physician’s instructions.
  • Preserve all the evidence, such as medical records, police reports, and other relevant documents.
  • Stay in close contact with your attorney, who can assist you in your case. It is only your attorney who will diligently investigate the accident and determine whether expert witnesses are needed to validate your claim.


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