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If you or someone you love has suffered an injury due to the carelessness
or negligence of someone else, taking rational decisions may turn out
to be challenging.

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    Legal Resolutions: Navigating Settlements and Victorious Verdicts

    How are settlements and verdicts different?

    You might have heard the terms ‘settlement’ and ‘verdict’ before. Though people use them interchangeably in routine conversation, both have different meanings. We’ll get into the definitions for each one below:

    What is a settlement?

    Not all cases go to court. Most of the time, litigation’s are settled out of court when both parties reach an agreement. It is cheaper and saves a lot of time. The law allows both parties to reach an agreement outside the court system. The party that files the lawsuit is called ‘plaintiff’ and the accused party is known as ‘defendant’. Either party is eligible to suggest the claim amount. Both parties can reject, accept, or counter that offer.

    What is a verdict?

    If your case goes to trial, you will receive a verdict. In legal parlance, a verdict is a decision made by a jury or judge depending on the circumstances. In both cases, the judge and jury will hear the arguments for each side of the case. After hearings, they will assess the evidence in total. From that they will make a judgment on whether the defendant is guilty or not. It is important to remember that even if you receive a verdict in your favor, the other party may appeal that decision.

    How much is my case worth?

    It may sound frustrating but no one can instantly assign a dollar value to your case. In personal injury cases, you want an honest lawyer who will tell you you’re advantages and disadvantages. Not someone who promises results before they read your case file.

    How do you get an idea of your case’s worth? The best way is to spend time with your attorney and their staff. A good law firm will go over your case in detail. They will do research and gather as much information as they can. Your case worth will also vary depending on if the other party decides to settle or if the case goes to trial.

    In order to judge the competency of a law firm, you can check their past record. It’ll give you a fair idea of their quality. There really isn’t a secret formula. Just you and the unique circumstances of your case.

    You can expect to cover these topics as you discuss your case:

    1.What’s the case for liability?
    2.Was there insurance involved?
    3.What type of injuries? How severe were they?
    4.Has the accident impacted your life and daily activities?
    5.Are there lost wages or suffering?
    6.Was there witnesses to the accident?


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