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Are You Looking For A Qualified Personal Injury Attorney In El Paso? We Can Assist You In Getting The Compensation You Deserve.

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    El Paso Personal Injury Attorneys

    At The Law Offices Of L. Clayton Burgess, we have witnessed firsthand the devastating effects an unexpected accident could cause to the family and individual. We’ve also witnessed the devastating financial consequences of a sudden injury. There is a chance that you will be faced with exorbitant medical expenses, financial strain due to missed work and other financial difficulties as well as the painful injuries. We can help you seek the financial compensation you deserve for these costs along with the intangible losses.

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    At The Law Offices Of L. Clayton Burgess, we primarily handle the following types of claims:

    If you’ve been injured in an accident, car collision, motorcycle wreck, work accident or any other incident that was caused by negligence of a third party we are here to assist you. El Paso personal injury attorney Clayton Burgess and the rest of our team are committed to assisting injured clients obtain their financial settlement they deserve following an accident. We understand the strategies insurance companies employ to convince victims of accidents injured to pay less than what they are entitled to. We will not allow you to become a victim to these tactics.

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    No matter what the team at our disposal is prepared to fight for your rights to a fair and appropriate amount of compensation. El Paso personal injury lawyer James Kennedy is a skilled negotiator who has secured thousands of dollars in settlements for personal injuries. He is also prepared to bring cases to court and offer a ferocious representation in court should an out-of-court settlement is not reached. Call us at (877) 234-7573 to get a free consultation today.

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