Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Attorney

What is a personal injury?


By definition, it is “an injury affecting one’s physical and mental person.”

It’s a simple enough concept. You’re hurt. What do you do now? How do you get compensated for your losses? Which personal injury attorney is the best choice for me?

The lawyers at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess offer a free consultation. Even if you don’t choose us, you’ll still have a better idea of what’s best for you.

The world has a vastly evolving sense of safety. Here in Lafayette, the roads are improving. DUI enforcement is on the rise. But, no matter where we are and how careful we are, bad things still happen to good people. You’ve been in a car accident. Or worse, a trucking accident. Maybe you just slipped at the store. You have a right to justice.


How can a personal injury attorney help you?


After an accident, it can be tough to keep the bills paid. It’s common to be out of work for months. It’s also not unheard of to be unable to ever work again after being injured. Long-term disability can make your current job impossible to do. It may even prevent you from getting another job.

On top of the stress of not working, there’s the matter of medical expenses. Personal injury creates a ton of medical bills. Insurance will only cover so much of these costs, and there are so many of them. As we all know, surgeries and medications aren’t cheap.

A good personal injury attorney will know how to get the job done. The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess use our investigative experience in your favor. We can represent how serious your situation is. Many settlement mills focus on taking a massive amount of cases. They settle those cases as quickly as possible and don’t take their time. By taking the time to do the job right, we gain the best possible outcome in the shortest time.


Call our office today for a FREE review of your personal injury case. We typically work on a contingent agreement basis, which means our fees are contingent upon the outcome of your case.


Don’t Delay! You may have a valid claim! Let us help you get your compensation before the statute of limitations expires!

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To Settle, Or Not To Settle

Unless you’re a legal expert, knowing the ins and outs of your unique legal case is a daunting situation.

What’s So Bad About Settling A Case Quickly?
Good question. In truth, it depends on the case. This is why it’s important to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible. The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess will do a free initial consultation.
The faster we are able to get to work on your case, the better. Insurance companies will begin pressuring you to settle for low-ball settlement offers. Evidence may go missing. The scene of the accident might become compromised. Witnesses may become forgetful. And in the case of a company or corporation, a cover-up may very well begin.
The temptation to settle out-of-court is understandable. Medical bills are piling up and you need money now. If you have injuries or damages, it’s best to let an attorney review your case before you decide to settle.
Why shouldn't you settle when given the chance?

When you have a very strong case, choosing to go to court can be a good option. Strong cases with a lot of evidence are more likely to convince a jury or judge. If you are very worried about getting compensation, you may want to consider going to trial. Verdicts awarded by judges or juries are usually higher than settlement offers.

Of course, not everyone wants the added stress and time of going to trial, and are happy to settle outside of court. Even if you are satisfied with a settlement offer, you should still discuss the settlement in detail with your lawyer. It is a serious decision. You should make sure it is adequate for your needs and circumstances before agreeing to it at face value.

How is a personal injury case won?


After you’re injured, remain as calm as possible. Especially if the accident occurred through no fault of your own. Remaining calm is the most important step. Gather as much information about the incident as possible. This can be names, numbers, location, time of day, weather conditions. And anything else that seems useful. You will also want to gather any police or incident reports for the accident.

Next, you will want to speak to your doctor. Gather as much information about your injuries as possible. Along the same lines, give the doctor as much information as possible. This is so that you have as much documented information as possible. For any damages, you will want to review your insurance policy. Your insurance agency will be working hand-in-hand with your doctor as well as your lawyer.

All this information is used to prove negligence and liability. Negligence is a lack of reasonable care taken to prevent an incident or accident. It’s used in a court of law to determine who is the liable party. If found liable for your injuries, the other party covers your compensation.

Don’t Delay! Call Clay!


There’s a joke about having a million TV channels, and there’s nothing on to watch. There’s also an excellent chance that you will see a commercial for a lawyer at some point today.
Loud voices, intimidating words, flashy graphics and “real success stories” say,
“Are you hurt through no fault of your own? Then call today!!”
Here, at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess, we don’t need to yell at you. We don’t need a bunch of flashy graphics. All we need is our experience and our comprehensive approach to each case. We have over 20 years of experience handling cases.
An important reason to keep legal counsel is the idea of shared liability. It works something like this:
  • If your injuries are at all your fault, then you are responsible for a portion of your own damages. Your personal injury attorney will review your case. This way, you can be sure if there is total liability.
Personal injury cases are not as simple as the events leading to them. An accident happens in a minute. But, it can lead to months in court and years of pain. There are a lot of attorneys out there. Choose someone local with the experience and skill to handle any case. Choose a personal injury attorney in Lafayette that will get results.

Parties Represented by a Personal Injury Attorney Receive Nearly 3.5 Times More Money in a Settlement Than Those Without an Attorney

Insurance Research Council Study 2004


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