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new iberia Injury Attorney

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury due to the carelessness or negligence of someone else, taking rational decisions may turn out to be challenging. Contact Injury Attorney in New-Iberia to discuss your case.

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    Hire A Injury Attorney in New-Iberia

    The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess can help you with all kinds of accident cases. We’ll guide you through the claims process and help you decide what your best options are.

    The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess offers personal injury assistance anywhere in Louisiana. With offices in 8 locations around the state, we are never far away. Call our Lafayette Office at 877-305-0049. Our intake specialist are available and talk to you about how we can help you receive the compensation you deserve. You can also contact us by email.

    New Iberia LA Trucking Accident Attorney

    In the unfortunate event of a truck accident, it is not only the public and private property that gets damaged, people also get badly injured. In most cases people lose their lives, which is a damage that can never be compensated. Though the government has laid out strict regulations to minimize these mishaps, truck accidents are still rampant on the highways. At times the culprit is an incompetent or impaired driver while at other times it’s a driver who fails to follow the federal rules on maximum hours of driving. In some cases mechanical failures also cause fatal truck accidents. Irrespective of the causes of truck accidents, the damages are usually huge that may include mental and physical trauma, spinal cord injuries, burns, broken bones, and even death.

    Clayton Burgess: Your One-Stop Solution To Truck Accident Claims

    If you have suffered major injuries due to a truck accident, you must consult a New Iberia injury attorney at the earliest. This is because the laws around personal injury are such that you may end up getting less compensation than you deserve. L. Clayton Burgess has a good reputation in this field that can provide 360 degrees help in and around New Iberia, Louisiana. Our experienced truck accident attorneys from New Iberia will give you a free initial consultation and use their experience to maximize your compensation.

    There are instances where the trucking companies do not respond responsibly to these incidents. The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess have experienced trucking accident lawyers who are aggressive enough to help victims get the necessary compensation against the damages caused due to the company’s negligence. We have a good track record and have been successful in helping countless trucking accident victims get compensation.

    Truck Accidents In New Iberia


    Legal Eagles at your service

    The trucking accident lawyers from the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess have the required skills and necessary litigation experience to handle any personal injury claims. The claims might include cases of automobile accidents, trucking accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, toxic torts, product liability, and many more. Truck accident cases can be complicated. You will not be able to identify the person liable for the damages if you don’t hire our Louisiana personal injury lawyers. We can help you get the right compensation and punish the guilty in the court of law.

    Free Initial Consultation

    As a responsible Louisiana law firm we believe in spreading awareness about law, and hence provide free initial consultation to victims of trucking accidents. We do this without any obligation which means that even if you choose not to retain our services, you can be rest assured that you will get all the legal advice free of cost.

    If a loved one has suffered from a trucking accident in New Iberia, LA, or has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, contact us right away. We work on a contingency fees basis. Meaning, you don’t pay us unless we successfully recover your compensation!

    Parties Represented by Personal Injury Lawyer Receive Nearly 3.5 Times More Money in a Settlement Than Those Without an Attorney.

    – Insurance Research Council Study 2004

    Car Accident Attorney

    New Iberia is a historical town of Louisiana and was duly named so by the state legislature in 1847. The city serves as the parish seat of Iberia Parish. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, New Iberia is home to 30,617 residents .New Iberia enjoys a sub-tropical climate with above average rainfall. The town is also known for its lakes – Lake Peigneur and Lake Tasse. Lake Peigneuris a 400 m deep salt water lake that gets its water from the Gulf of Mexico via the Delcambre Canal. Lake Tasse is also known as Spanish Lake. This region has many natural features of interest, such as Avery Island, famous for its Tabasco sauce factory, deposits of rock salt, and Jungle Gardens.

    Automobile Accidents In New Iberia

    In 2014, New Iberia saw over 488 people injured as a direct result of automobile accidents, and at least three people were killed in these mishaps. Major corridors, such as Highway 90 and Highway 182, with a high volume of commercial traffic contribute to congestion and collisions.

    Injured In A Car Accident? You Have Rights

    A car accident is unfortunate. The victim has all the rights to get compensated for lost work wages, hospital bills, and mental and physical trauma. But, on the contrary, it is often seen that the victim has not got his/her due compensation. A major reason behind this is their lack of knowledge regarding car accidents and personal injury cases. In case you have been through such a horrific incident in New Iberia, Louisiana, you must hire a car accident attorney.

    You can avail of a free initial consultation from the law offices of L. Clayton Burgess. We have experienced car accident attorneys from New Iberia who can guide you on how to pursue your case, and also file your lawsuit in such a way that you get the maximum compensation and damages for your injuries. Our staff of Paralegals, Assistants, Clerks, and Investigators works hard enough to assist your accident injury lawyer with the handling of your claim or case.

    Don’t Delay, Call the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess

    no upfront fees, no consultancy charges whatsoever!

    New Iberia La Personal Injury Attorney

    In a general sense, personal injury refers to any injury to the human body, mind, or emotions. But, from the legal aspect, it is completely different. It is a lawsuit brought forward by a person who has suffered internal or external injuries. Cases of auto accidents and slip and fall cases are the common instances of personal injury. It can also include accident cases or cases of damaged property. You can trust L. Clayton Burgess with your injury cases. We have the reputation of handling such cases with utmost precision.

    Car Accidents In New Iberia

    In 2014, 1034 people were injured as a direct result of 630 vehicular accidents in Iberia Parish.

    Compensation For Personal Injuries

    A victim has all the rights to get the monetary benefits and compensation for the expenses borne by him due to the injury. It might include hospital bills, loss of wages, and many other things. The amount generally depends on the seriousness of the injury. Broken bones, severed limbs, damage to the brain, serious physical pain generally gets the highest compensation amount. It is always recommended to hire a personal injury lawyer to get the right compensation amount. The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess have proven to be the best option in and around New Iberia for recovering your damages.

    Statute Of Limitations For Personal Injury

    There is a time limitation by which you need to file the legal complaint as per the laws set by Louisiana. You need to file the legal complaint within one year from the date of the accident which is the “statutes of limitations as per the laws of Louisiana.

    New Iberia Personal Injury Attorney

    You can trust the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess. We have a reputation for providing extensive legal assistance for any convoluted case. Our injury attorneys have the relevant experience to provide you with proper legal representation. You can also avail of an initial free consultation from us without any condition of retaining our services.

    Personal Injuries In And Around New Iberia

    As per a report of 2014, a total of 708 people were injured due to 423 car accidents in St. Mary Parish. The following year saw a dip in numbers and it went down to 633. Even if the trend showed a dip, the low population of the town plays a major role in the numbers.

    Clayton Burgess: Your Sure Way To Get The Right Compensation

    Personal injury lawyers from Louisiana have handled many types of personal injury claims. These injuries were mainly due to car accidents, trucking accidents, offshore accidents, brain injuries, and wrongful deaths. You will need an experienced accident injury attorney to handle your case and get you the right compensation amount.

    New Iberia La Wrongful Death Attorney

    Wrongful death can be defined as a death of a person caused due to someone else’s negligence or unjustified behavior. Some instances include death due to car accidents, employer’s negligence causing workplace death, or any other such fatal incidents caused by some other person’s wrong behavior. The family of the deceased person is eligible to file a legal complaint against the responsible party and receive compensation against the deceased.

    In case you have lost your loved one due to some other person’s negligence, you must consult our highly experienced and skilled wrongful death attorneys immediately. They can be your true guide in such dismal times.

    New Iberia Wrongful Death Attorney

    L. Clayton Burgess is a law firm based out of Louisiana, known for defending the rights of the individuals who were denied justice. We have highly experienced lawyers from New Iberia to help you whenever necessary. The New Iberia wrongful death attorneys are skilled and experienced enough to fight wrongful death cases. We are empathetic and compassionate. Our attorneys are just a call away to assist you. Don’t worry about hefty legal fees. We offer a FREE initial consultation without any obligation. If you get on board with us, you don’t owe us a penny until you receive your compensation – yes, it’s that easy!

    The wrongful death laws were made to provide financial security to the family of the survivors and make others aware of the consequences. Often, many victims are denied justice due to the lack of proper investigation and evidence. This is the major reason to contact a legal practitioner from the L. Clayton Burgess Law firm right after an accident. We have eight locations throughout Louisiana to serve you and are experienced and licensed in Texas also.

    We have seasoned legal professionals armed with the necessary resources to handle any complicated case with efficiency. If you have suffered such an incident, talk to us immediately. We are always available with our quick legal service.

    Wrongful Death Statistics

    In 2014, there were 15 fatalities as a direct result of 13 fatal vehicular accidents in Iberia Parish.

    New Iberia Injury Settlements & Verdicts

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