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Head, Neck, and Back Injuries


Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a very serious injury that can result from being in a car accident. TBI usually occurs when the external force in a car accident traumatizes the brain. This can lead to temporary, or even permanent impairment to brain function. This type of brain injury is most often a skull fracture. Along with fractures, brain bruising is also common.
In any case, diagnosing a brain injury is very difficult. Links to brain injuries are also concussions and seizures. Other symptoms of TBI are just as common. You could expect symptoms as varied as dizziness, headaches, memory loss, loss of concentration, anxiety, or depression. Specialists typically use MRI and CT scans to help diagnose brain injuries.


Car accidents cause a number of different neck injuries. They range from whiplash to disk problems. Whiplash is commonly associated with car accidents. Rear end impact car accidents are most frequently associated with whiplash injury. Whiplash damages the neck’s soft tissue; ligaments, nerves, and muscles. Symptoms include limitation of head and neck movement. Additionally, this can cause loss of peripheral vision and neck pain.

Whiplash can be very debilitating even though it is not permanent. Even if the injury is temporary, it can still impact every aspect of your life. Typically, if symptoms continue for more than 48 to 72 hours following an accident, physicians will prescribe medication and suggest rehabilitative therapy.


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Some of the most complicated and severe personal injuries suffered in car accidents involve the head, neck, and back.


The cervical, mid-back and lower back discs are all discs impacted by car accidents. Sometimes such accidents cause compression fractures which can create permanent disability.
Most often though, car accidents cause herniated or bulging discs. Injuries such as these cause spinal cord compression. Symptoms of these injuries include paralysis, weakness in limbs, numbness and tingling. More severely, abnormal bladder or bowel control, and difficulty breathing. These symptoms may need surgery to remove discs or sometimes even perform a spinal fusion. These types of back injuries also cause inflammation. Medication is commonly prescribed to reduce inflammation. Last of all, a patient goes to physical or rehabilitative therapy if symptoms persist.
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