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10 Proven Tips for Car Safety in Halloween

10 Proven Tips for Car Safety in Halloween

Halloween is all fun…no second thoughts about it! However, along with fun, it can also be a dangerous time for drivers and pedestrians. Here are a few tips to keep family, friends, and yourself safe during Halloween festivities and prevent disaster.

1. Avoid distraction

Halloween or not, it is always better not to get distracted while driving as it is the single largest reason of car accidents. Keep your cellphone out of the reach of your hands and resist the temptation of gorging on snacks until you reach the destination. Waiting a bit for having those snacks is always a preferred choice than banging your vehicle into another and crushing your bones.

2. Use headlights

Light up your headlights even if you are driving in day time. Chances of fellow drivers and pedestrians not seeing you are minimized when your headlights are on. Just shine the headlights without using brights. Whether you are driving in residential or commercial area, headlights should be on.

3. Wait for the fun

You may be eager to begin the party right away. However, it’s best to relax and wait out until you reach the destination. When in a car, it is important to know what is going on around you. Sound inside the car should not be very loud, making you unable to hear another vehicle’s horn or someone calling from outside. Safety needs to be given priority over fun.

4. Drive slow

To celebrate an event, you may want to dart out on the road. Moreover, there will be children as well who may get just too excited about the candy and rush across the street. Driving slowly will help you respond quickly to such a situation.

5. Be extra careful at crosswalks or corners

You can’t expect everyone to be as alert yourself. Particularly, you need to be careful on crosswalks or corners. When you see children around, don’t assume that they have seen you or they will pay attention. And even when they see you, they may not know how to react. As a car driver, you need to take responsibility yourself to ensure nobody is hit.

6. Don’t cross a car on high speed

If a slow-moving car is ahead, don’t cross over in haste. Often, view is blocked when you cross another vehicle and you need to be vigilant. In case there are children around, watch out as they may have no idea another car is coming from behind.

7. Be attentive when exiting driveways

When pulling onto streets from driveways, drive with attention. Pedestrians may find it hard to judge how a vehicle will react to their movements. They may move in quickly the very moment you press the accelerator.

8. Signal your movements to other drivers

Communicate to fellow drivers when dropping off or picking up children. This will alert the drivers behind and they should approach your vehicle with caution. Using hazards will be quite helpful in such a situation. When changing lanes or turning, use turn signals.

9. If drinking alcohol, arrange for a taxi

If you are celebrating Halloween with alcohol, get a sober driver or arrange a taxi or Uber. Never drive under the influence of an intoxicating substance, Halloween or not.

10. Inform law enforcement about drunk or unsafe driving

If you see someone driving intoxicated, report it. Don’t make the mistake of confronting them yourself. It is not your job, that’s for the police. If possible, jot down the color and make/model of the violating vehicle. Helping the police nab the offenders is a sure-shot way of doing your bit for society.

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