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Whistleblower Protection Lawyers

A whistle-blower is a person that reports misconduct or wrongdoing within an organization. Whistle-blowers act for a variety of reasons.

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    Defending Truth and Integrity: Whistleblower Protection Attorneys

    A whistle-blower is a person that reports misconduct or wrongdoing within an organization. Whistle-blowers act for a variety of reasons. These reasons may be internal or external to the organization. For example:

    3.Legal/Regulation Violations
    4.Public Interest


    Whistle-blowers are often subject to a “hostile work environment” or retaliation. This can be uneasy workplace relations, harassment, or more severe forms of intimidation.

    Are you are considering filing a complaint or lawsuit? It is best to not discuss your concerns with anyone but a lawyer. Many whistle-blower cases are dependent on information that isn’t available to the public. Sharing that information can damage your case. Or, it can prevent it from getting filed in the first place. If you have questions about your options, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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    There are many federal and state statutes that cover whistle-blowing for all employers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has a Whistle-blower Protection Program. The program enforces more than twenty whistle-blower statues. These statutes protect employees who report workplace violations.

    It’s illegal for employers to retaliate against employees in certain situations. This is true of employees who report activities that violate laws. The categories of workplace misconduct are wide-ranging. This includes things like financial mismanagement or fraudulent practices. Safety code abuses, and violations of laws are also included.

    To get coverage under Louisiana law, an employee must take certain steps. Before reporting the matter to the government, they must tell their employer about violations.

    Examples of Damages in Whistle-blower Suits:

    1.Back Pay
    2.Benefits Reinstatement
    3.Reasonable Attorney Fees
    4.Court Costs Resulting From a Lawsuit.

    Whistleblower retaliation is illegal.

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    Louisiana’s Whistle-blower Protections

    Workers have more protections if they are part of a worker’s union or contracted group. Louisiana’s covered classes are as follows:

    State Employees: 

    Louisiana state employees and contractors have a general protection statute. A state employee has certain protections. They are protected from retaliation when testifying against their employer. The same protection applies when they file a complaint against their employer. Or, for refusing to take part in illegal activity.

    Health Care Employees: 

    They have protection when aiding or communicating with the Department of Hospitals.

    Environmental Regulations: 

    Environmental whistle-blowers have different sets of protections. Their protections are for disclosing violations of environmental laws or regulations. To fall under these protections, the disclosure must be made to the public or to a supervisor.  Whistle-blowers have protections when providing testimony in an investigation into environmental violations.  It is illegal for one company to fire an employee for reporting a different company for regulation violations. See Louisiana’s Compliance Assurance and Enforcement page for more information.


    Insurance company employees have protections under state law. Their protections are for reporting violations of state insurance law. An employee must communicate with the Commissioner of Insurance or other authorities.

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