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An accident with a truck, semi, or a tractor-trailer may inflict some serious injury to other drivers or passengers. You never know when a driver would lose control of their vehicle and come crashing on you, or a loved one. The results may be catastrophic!

A lawyer is probably the first person you would be looking in this scenario (apart from a doctor of course). The attorney will explain to you the legal options for getting damages from the perpetrator.


Truck accidents are devastating

In all sorts of accidents, truck accidents tend to most devastating. Sheer size and often big loads of these vehicles make them the cause of a big trouble for the victims. As statistics speak, trucks are not the perpetrators of larger number of accidents, but the cases they’re involved in are the ones where the victims suffer from more serious injuries.


Earn a large amount as compensation

The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess has been in the arena for decades to protect the interest of the people who have been at the receiving end in truck accidents. Right from making a start in 1999, we’ve earned a name for ourselves for winning a big amount as compensation in injuries people suffer from in truck accidents. Our team of lawyers specializes in such cases and we do what needs to be done for protecting the interest of these victims.


Take sound advice regarding your lawsuit

Ever eager to serve our clients with their full potential, our lawyers are always keen on giving a listening ear to you. With great patience, they listen to every word of what you say before coming up with a sound advice. Taking into account various aspects of the case, they suggest you the possible options and how these may turn out for you.


Leave your lawsuit to experts

At The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess, we give high regard to your well-being and do our bid to make life easier for you. While you stay at home recuperating for your injury, we focus on handling your lawsuit to the best of our ability and winning it for you. You get dollars when you need them the most and it’s helpful for sure.


Benefit from our immense experience

Doing our job with great efficiency is something we take great pride in. Our seasoned attorneys are adept to fighting long and complex legal battles, which is sure to benefit you immensely. Knowing all related laws inside out along with our experience helps us to figure out how to handle each of truck injury related cases differently.

Using our legal skills to best of your advantages, we find loopholes in the argument of the defending lawyers and prove these cases before the jury. Our objective is to get for you the biggest possible amount as compensation. We present the cases in the court with convincing arguments thus increasing the chances of a successful outcome for you.

You never know when a car would strike you in Springfield, knocking your life out of gear. It’s not uncommon to see mishaps where a car has hit a bike, or another car, causing grave injuries. Whatever be the reason of the car accident, the timing of the accident is simply unpredictable.



When millions of vehicles are out there on the roads, accidents are bound to happen. Louisiana has approximate 3 million licensed drivers, with each person possibly driving thousands of miles each year. In such a scenario, accidents are bound to happen. You cannot really prevent the accidents.


Getting damages from the perpetrator

If your car met with an accident in Springfield resulting in an injury for you, the law allows you to file a lawsuit for getting damages from the perpetrator. They cannot simply get involved in an accident and get away with it. If their negligence is proven in court after you filing the case, they would end up rolling out compensation.


Gear up for fighting a legal battle

Whether the perpetrator themselves or their insurance company pays the damages doesn’t really matter for you. However, before you finally get the damages, you need to gear up for fighting a legal battle. The defending party is expected to send the best of their attorneys to the court. You’ve to prepare well to penetrate their defense arguments.

On your part, the best course of action is to research for a reputable law firm and collaborate with them. Attorneys with a seasoned firm are well versed with all aspects of cases regarding compensation for car accidents. Working with them will allow you to use the best of their talents to your advantage.

The Law Offices of L.Clayton Burgess has been around for more than a decade. Our lawyers know the car accident compensation cases inside out. We discuss every case in length with you before deciding on a proper course of action. Considering the particular scenario of your case, we settle upon the arguments to be up in the court.


Efficient handling of settlement negotiations

In case the defendant desires to go for an out-of-court settlement, our lawyers will negotiate with them on your behalf and reach an advantageous settlement for you. The settlement negotiations tend to be quiet complex and our experience will come in handy in such a situation. All of our lawyers have adequate experience in dealing such situations.


Collaborate with seasoned lawyers

To increase the chances of a successful outcome of the lawsuit, it’s important to collaborate with a seasoned lawyer who has had extensive experience in it. Experience brings in unique insights into the approach of a law professional that can turn out to be greatly advantageous for you. Our seasoned lawyers will discuss all relevant aspects with you and provide you some sound advice.

When you’re filing a lawsuit to claim damages for the injuries you suffered, you need a lawyer who isn’t just an expert in personal injury lawsuits but also has an empathetic attitude towards you. The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess is a firm that you may trust to provide you accurate, frank information about options at hand and the possible damages that you may get at the end.


Get compensation for your injury

Damages you get may include lost time at work, emotional turmoil you suffered, inability to work settlements, and many more such heads. Our lawyer will quantify various heads involved before suggesting you the possible compensation you may get and the expected timeframe for obtaining a verdict. This provides you a clear idea how your case is going to be like the court, enabling you to take a decision.


Experience in all sort of mishaps

The Law Offices of L.Clayton Burgess is a firm with a successful stint with all sorts of mishaps – vehicular accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death, work-related injuries, slip and falls.


Are you getting late in filing cases?

Law makes it imperative to file personal injury cases in a certain timeframe, so it’s important that you don’t lose your opportunity. If an action of someone has resulted in a personal injury for you or any of your loved ones, our experienced attorneys are prepared to come to your help and get for you the compensation you deserve.


Ease off complexity

The Law Offices of L.Clayton Burgess has brought together a team of competent attorneys who work with you with compassion and a keen desire to get justice for you. We’re concerned about the trauma you’re facing and do out bit to make it easy for you. Thanks to the work done, we’ve earned the trust of our clients.

Our lawyers are well-versed in all issues related to personal injury litigation which equips us to provide useful counsel and legal representation to you and your loved ones who have been victims of the careless acts of people.


Obtain a fair verdict

Deploying our hard-earned knowledge and experience, we develop the strongest cases possible for our clients. In the courtroom, we try to obtain fair and fair verdicts for you. If the opposite party is willing, we hold negotiations with them to reach upon good settlements outside the court. This saves you the trouble of fighting a court case. Our attorneys have significant experience in all sorts of personal injury cases, which helps a lot in the legal process.

Don’t Delay, Call Clay!

Serving clients with utmost honesty, The Law Offices of L.Clayton Burgess has earned a reputation for excellence with a legacy of victorious results. We’ve been the choice of clients for decades, thanks to our extensive experience in a variety of personal injury cases, credible resources and in-depth legal research. We’ve made a name for ourselves for efficiency of our services.

Our lawyers file a lawsuit against the perpetrator demanding damages from them for all that you’ve suffered from. Walk-ins are welcome and online appointments available as well. Have a FREE initial consultation today.

A traumatic event may throw your life into disarray any time. As anyone will vouch for, nothing in life is as painful as the loss of a loved one. The pain becomes more acute when you know all the suffering happened because someone else decided to be negligent.

Legal system in Springfield endows you with a remedy in cases of wrongful death. You’re provided with a window to get compensation so that you’re able to pull yourself.

Just filing a lawsuit for compensation doesn’t mean that you’ve actually obtained the compensation. You’ve to convince the court that the defendant was indeed responsible for the incident.


Get damages

When you’ve decided to file a lawsuit for financial damages, the first thing you’ve to do is to quantify your losses. It’s always going to be difficult as putting an amount against the name of a loved one is never going to be easy.

Just filing a case doesn’t mean you’ll get the damages. It’s for you to convince the court about the merits in your case and get the jury to pronounce a favorable judgment. You’ve to demonstrate to the court that the other party was indeed negligent that brought the death of your loved one. Factoring in the emotional turmoil you’re facing, you require a lot of determination to do it.


Take help to get through tough times

Taking on board an experienced lawyer in Springfield does provide you with great ability to fight through those tough times. While the attorney takes care of the legal process, you may try to get over this personal loss.

A competent attorney with The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess will investigate the case and find out the degree of fault committed by the defending the party. This helps us to guess the defend arguments put up by the defending lawyer’s attorney and put in place a convincing set of arguments for ourselves.


Discuss case with an experienced attorney

It’s important that you be candid regarding the whole case when discussing your case with the attorney. What you regard minor points may actually turn into the arguments that may turn the case.

One of our attorneys will work closely with you or your family to quantify the value of the loss. Our experienced lawyers know such cases inside out that helps us to proceed in the right manner. If you’re struggling to earmark an amount for the loss you’ve suffered, you may leave it completely to our lawyers. Whether it’s monetary or emotional loss, our lawyers will take into account all the aspects before arriving on a conclusion.

When you’re wondering how to move ahead in wrongful death cases, taking assistance of one of our attorneys would be a major help. They’ll discuss the matter with you in detail and set up an amount for varied heads such as emotional turmoil, property damage, loss of care, etc. We’ll help you tackle it all as efficiently as we can.

Don’t Delay, Call Clay!

Attorneys with The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess have extensive experience with wrongful death cases. Hiring up does enhances your chances of getting a favorable verdict. It’s time to book an appointment with us right away and determine how we can assist you.

Don’t Delay, Call Clay!

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