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A study by the National Institutes of Health revealed a connection between uterine cancer in women and the usage of hair relaxer products.

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    A study by the National Institutes of Health revealed a connection between uterine cancer in women and the usage of hair relaxer products. Conventional hair relaxer products developed and marketed by major hair care product-making companies such as L’Oreal, Pantene, Schwarzkopf, etc. contain hazardous chemicals such as phthalates, parabens, bisphenol A, formaldehyde, etc., each of which is associated with a high risk of cancer. Instructions on these products ask users to apply them frequently through a four-to-six-week period, thereby, exposing them to high doses of this carcinogenic chemical.

    A report by the National Institutes of Health and multiple surveys on the user demographic reveals that women who use chemical hair relaxers are more than twice as likely to develop uterine cancer.

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    At L. Clayton Burgess, our capable and experienced legal teams are here to handle your hair relaxer lawsuit for cancer and other consequences of using hair relaxer products. 

    Carcinogenic chemicals in these products act as endocrine disruptors resulting in:

    1.Uterine Cancer
    2.Endometrial Cancer
    3.Uterine Fibroids
    4.Breast Cancer
    5.Ovarian Cancer
    6.Cervical Cancer

    If you have used hair relaxers for long periods and have now been subsequently diagnosed with any of the above, you can now file a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer and seek financial compensation. 

    Our law firm is taking in new cases from women who have been using chemical hair-relaxing products continuously for five years or more and have been diagnosed with uterine cancer. 

    Potential Settlement Value of Hair Relaxer Uterine Cancer Lawsuits

    Our chemical hair straightener lawyers have handled quite a few hair relaxer cancer lawsuits. After careful analysis, they estimate the potential settlement values of hair relaxer/cancer lawsuits to be between $400,000 and $1,750,000 to $ 2,000,000. This data is founded on their experience with similar lawsuits, and their evaluation of the settlements negotiated on behalf of clients. 

    Given the prolific use of hair relaxer products, especially among women in the Afro-American community, we believe there are much more lawsuits waiting to be filed. If you have been diagnosed with uterine cancer and have been using these hair-relaxing products for years, then do not hesitate & file a hair relaxer lawsuit for cancer today.

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