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5 Sure-Shot Ways for Safely Navigating Through Black Friday Traffic

Once Thanksgiving festivities get over, people venture out to grab some of the exciting shopping deals. The approach of Black Friday brings a whole new element to traffic — parking spaces get limited, people rush from one store to the other, and roads become congested and filled with traffic.

Unfortunately, reports show that car collisions spike 34% on Black Friday. Our car accident attorneys in Lafayette, LAprovide a few traffic tips for you, so that you can enjoy all the amazing deals around town without stressing yourself over driving and parking.

If you are one of those millions of people who wake up early to catch some of the best deals, here are 5 sure-shot ways for safely navigating through Black Friday traffic:

1. Plan your route

Before you head for shopping, it’s advisable to check out the sales ads and also figure out where exactly you need to go. We suggest you plan a driving route based on the opening time of the stores and their locations. This will help you to plan a trip faster and deal with minimum traffic rather than navigating the complex and convoluted traffic on several routes.

2. Check navigation apps

Before heading from one store to the other, check the navigation apps to analyze congestion and thus avert possible accidents. With so many eager shoppers waiting for the big day buying deals, you may want to consider downloading a traffic app. There are several traffic apps that can help you plan the quickest route, avoid traffic, and also provide turn-by-turn instructions.

3. Take caution when parking

It would be wrong to say that it’s only the roads that are busy on Black Fridays. Keep in mind that the parking lots are also going to be flooded with vehicles and pedestrians. Drivers looking for places to park in narrow aisles and those who squeeze their vehicles into small spaces enhance the chances for an accident to happen. Here are a few precautionary measures that may help prevent car collisions in parking areas:

  • Use mirrors and cameras: You need to remain extra cautious when backing your car. Make sure you use the mirrors, however, do not rely on them completely. It’s advisable to turn around and ensure that all sides of your vehicle are clear while inching out of your spot.
  • Be aware of children and pedestrians: Children are often difficult to see outside the car. It’s important to drive slowly down the aisles so that you can react quickly in case a child darts in front of your vehicle.
  • Drive cautiously: Once you are in the parking area after shopping, make sure that the shopping carts are placed at their designated areas. Also, ensure that the vehicles are parked between the lines and that there’s enough space for other drivers to open their doors.

4. Do not drive distracted

As per the National Safety Council (NSC), car drivers and pedestrians are likely to remain distracted during the holiday season. It also states that the number of deadly collisions increases every year around Thanksgiving and Black Friday. As you may already feel flustered on days of heavy traffic, the last thing you need is a deadly accident. To prevent distractions, make sure that you put cell phones away. Also, watch out for children, elderly pedestrians, and parents pushing strollers.

5. Get adequate sleep

Most Black Friday sales start during the early morning hours. If you decide to venture out on such a stressful commute, make sure you get enough rest and adequate sleep. Fatigued and drowsy driving is equivalent to drunken driving. If you feel drowsy behind the wheel, make sure that you switch drivers or park your vehicle at a safe place.

No matter how much you plan, with so many drivers on the road, you may get involved in some unexpected incident. If you or someone you love sustains injuries in a car collision, do not hesitate to get in touch with competent attorneys. A veteran lawyer knows how much the case is worth and is aware of how to conduct negotiations to obtain favorable compensation from the insurer. Our car accident attorneys in Lafayette, LA have been tackling intricate car accident cases for more than a decade now. Irrespective of how complex your case is, you can always rely on us. For further details, call us at 877-234-7573.

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