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Accidents Caused by Speeding

Risks and Dangers

Speeding is illegal, yet most drivers are probably guilty of driving too fast at some time or other. Going five or ten miles above the speed limit on an open road? Everyone does that, don’t they? Perhaps it is getting around slowpoke drivers when late for work. Or, some drivers may drive faster on a road they know well and drive often.

Speed Kills

Speed, however, is killing Americans. A new study out from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) states that two reasons result in most deaths on the road:

  • going faster than the speed limit
  • driving too fast for road conditions

Bending the speed limit rules a little bit may seem harmless at times. When the unexpected happens, though, it could mean life or death for drivers and many others.

If you hit a slippery patch on a curve, and another car is coming, can you control the car? Perhaps you are driving in town and going five miles over the limit, thinking, “no problem”. But, what if a pedestrian walks out in front of you and you are going too fast? The result could be tragic, and you would be responsible.

Careless drivers, who do not obey the rules, cause up to one-third of all deaths by car, says a World Atlas report. Teens who have not been driving long are mainly the victims. They are four times more likely to be in car accidents. Some states are making teens get better and longer training before they can get a license.

Reasons For Speeding

Why do drivers speed and who are they? Some may think it is okay to speed because they:

  • are very good drivers and feel it is safe.
  • know they can do it without getting a ticket.
  • are in too much of a hurry because they are late.
  • have their minds on something else; not paying attention.

A 2017 study by SmartAsset reported on the states with the worst drivers. They found that eight of the top ten were in the South. Louisiana is new to the list, but ranked no. 3, after Florida and Mississippi.

Do we take the time to think about the way we drive? Do we make sure our teenagers understand the dangers of speeding? A posted speed limit is there for a reason. Go faster than the limit and you have a greater chance of being in an accident. When the unexpected happens- bad roads, bad weather, or any other event, the chances get greater. When a speeding driver is also using alcohol, drugs, or is just distracted, the accident can result in deaths.

Safe Driving Habits

The truth is that  all drivers need to look at their driving habits. Follow these tips and make changes if you see yourself here :

  • Do not tailgate. Judge the distance between your car and the one ahead of you.
  • Give yourself enough time to be somewhere. Plan for unexpected delays.
  • Know that you really only save a few minutes when you speed if you are late.
  • Try to be patient. Find ways to be calm or find another route.

Easier said than done? Make the effort and perhaps avoid a terrible accident.

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