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All You Need to Know About ELD Regulation Exemptions

After the announcement that commercial trucks and trailers must have ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices) installed, the trucking industry is attempting to fight against the safety regulation differently: by trying to delay it. In November 2017, a trucking industry lobbying group filed a request at FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), asking for an exemption of 5 years to the ELD rule. FMCSA is a government agency that is responsible for protecting the public from unsafe trucks and trucking companies.

Unfortunately, extending the timeline of ELD regulation would only increase the chances of deadly collisions. Most of us would agree that that trucking accident cases are complicated, and when you get involved in an injury, it’s better to seek the help of a seasoned attorney. Our trucking accident lawyers in Lafayette have more than two decades of experience in tackling complicated cases with efficiency.

Importance of electronic logging devices

Electronic logging devices are significant weapons against exploitation by employers and truck driver fatigue. With the installation of electronic logging devices, enforcement of hours-of-service regulations becomes effective and more manageable. ELDs increase the accountability of individual drivers and avert employers from pressuring the trucking drivers to drive for a prolonged period.

The learning curve is challenging

One of the most significant challenges of the ELD mandate is the steep learning process. As per most trucking companies and truck drivers, installation of the electronic logging device is just the first step. Apart from installation, trucking drivers have to learn how to operate them. In reality, the system won’t track everything and leaves the drivers with no responsibility to fill the logs. Instead, drivers have a lot of control over the data edits. This comes as a challenge for truck drivers.

Small trucking companies still lag behind large companies in ELD installation

Larger trucking companies in the US have installed ELDs throughout their fleets. Smaller companies, on the other hand, resisted it by citing concerns such as business disruptions, privacy intrusions, and costs versus benefits. Thus, smaller trucking companies are now getting scrutinized by journalists and advocates for the upward trend in trucking accident deaths.

Irrespective of all the challenges, ELDs can minimize accident rates and improve the safety of the driver performance. It can prevent liability risks and costs that put a strain on the business. Some insurance companies even provide discounts to trucking companies that use ELDs. Maintenance of vehicles is another avenue to ensure the safety of trucks on roads. It’s the ELD machine that shows which ELD needs preventative maintenance and this, in turn, helps to ensure that the trucks are safer.

Electronic logging devices in trucks are one of the most trusted ways for managers to arm themselves and prevent deadly accidents.

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