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Are Uber Rides Safe?

Uber Rides

Everyone has heard about Uber! The new ride service in cities all over the world is exciting and easy. You download an app, connect with a driver, and get a ride to a place you wish to go.

Maybe you love it. You have used it and like that it is cheaper than a taxi. All you need is the app to call a ride, and someone else does the driving for you. What could be better? College students who need rides like the cost. Seniors can go places without driving themselves.

The website has a lot of information to get you started. The app helps you get a ride at anytime, day or night. You see a picture of the driver and vehicle when it comes. You also rate the driver after the trip. It should be safe. You take a chance riding in a taxi with a stranger don’t you?

Is Uber Safe?

Maybe you have read or heard about problems and you wonder if it is really safe. Reports of fake drivers, sexual assaults by drivers, robberies, and kidnapping have made the news since 2014. Even if nothing out of the ordinary occurs, there is still the chance for a car accident. We assume Uber drivers are carrying auto insurance. Anyone who is not familiar Uber may think twice because of general safety concerns.

A 2017 report in CNN Tech calls on Uber to show that customers are safe to ride with them. They should be forced to report any problems like assault, rape, or anything else that happened on an Uber ride. The fact that Uber has not used fingerprint tests to screen drivers does not seem good. Complaints that they have been careless with background checks is another sign that it may not be a safe ride.

What should a person do if they wish to hire a ride? A college student may use the service as a way to save money on a car. When travelling, a local driver can help you get around in a new city. Headed out on the town for a night of partying? Uber is a major drinking and driving deterrent. Uber is generally considered safe. There are steps you can take to ensure your safety if you use the app.

Uber Safety Tips

Think safety by doing the following things:

  • Check the picture of the driver and the vehicle on your app for a match when it arrives. Call the driver by name. Do not get into a vehicle if something feels wrong.
  • You will get a message when driver arrives. You can wait inside wherever you are instead of out in the street.
  • The app lets you tell family and friends where you are. Send them a link and they can follow you as you ride.
  • Rate the driver on your app when the trip is finished. The driver also rates you.

The Uber scandals are now important. In 2017 women working in the company said they were being harassed. CNN Tech reports the company is now trying to do better. They are donating money to prevent sexual assault, harassment, and violence. The company is giving more training for their agents to deal with it.

Uber requires their drivers to have basic automotive insurance. The company provides a higher level of supplemental insurance coverage while the app is running and a fare is riding. Car accidents while riding in an Uber work just like any other accident. There may be challenges navigating the accident best handled by an attorney.

Uber Accidents

If you feel you were not treated fairly by Uber in any way, know that you have support. Contact Louisiana personal injury lawyer, Clay Burgessto discuss your case. If you have a complaint about any type of bad driver behavior and Uber dismissed your claim, call us. If you were a passenger in an Uber when it got into any accident, we can help. Any other happening on a ride that you are not satisfied about, it is important to us. We will listen to your story and advise you about whether a lawsuit is possible.

We will work to ensure the company and driver are held responsible. Make arrangements to meet an injury attorney at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess for a free and confidential consultation.

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