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Auto Accident Attorney Monroe

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    Auto Accident Attorney Monroe LA

    Hire An Auto Accident Attorney In Monroe To Fight Against Injustice

    Auto accidents are tragic and often leave severe life-changing consequences. The process of determining the liable party to file a lawsuit can be extremely intimidating. An experienced auto accident attorney in Monroe can help you take the right legal action and turn the case in your favor. The L. Clayton Burgess law office has a team of dedicated attorneys who strives to fight for your rights and protect your legal rights.

    While the majority of the victims in the US sustain minor injuries, many fall prey to severe consequences, even untimely death. Few factors which are being responsible for the cause of auto accidents –

    1- Lane splitting: 

     Overtaking vehicles and sudden changing lanes can lead to a dangerous outcome.

    2- Intoxicated driving:

    Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs is one of the most common causes of auto accidents

    3- Crossing speed limits

    Reckless driving by disobeying traffic rules can be deadly.

    4- Inexperienced drivers:

    Amateur riders lack the confidence to drive in a crowd or unfavorable conditions, which leads to accidents.

    5- Driver distractions: 

     Lack of concentration while driving can lead to deadly results.

    6- Mechanical defects: 

    Proper maintenance of vehicles can avert any major mishaps.

    7- Sudden halts without warning:

    A sudden stop in the middle of roads can result in the rear-end collision of your vehicle.

    Our law firm has legal professionals who are highly experienced in handling complex auto accident cases. Each representative has the potential to guide you in the right direction to obtain adequate compensation. Our auto accident attorney in Monroe is a call away to provide you with exceptional assistance to gain justice.

    Serious Injuries Of Auto Accidents

    1- Spinal cord injuries
    2- Traumatic Brain Injuries
    3- Burns
    4- Facial disfigurement
    5- Fracture of bones
    6- Internal injuries
    7- Limb loss and amputations
    8- Whiplash
    9- Soft tissue injuries
    10- Lacerations
    11- Loss of body parts
    12- Wrongful death

    Parties Represented by Personal Injury Lawyer Receive 3.5 Times More Money Than Those Without an Attorney.

    – Insurance Research Council Study 2004

    Why Should I Hire An Accident Attorney For My Case?

    Fighting for justice gets tough without proper legal assistance. While you may not have an in-depth knowledge of the legalities of your case, a professional is well-versed with the potential adversities. Hiring a lawyer can prove to be beneficial for various reasons.

    1- They have good communicating skills.
    2- A proper analysis of your case is guaranteed.
    3- Good perseverance and can handle complexities
    4- They possess incredible skills to deal with everyone associated with the case.
    5- Exceptional listening skills
    6- Brilliant negotiating skills to ensure maximum compensation.

    Common Damages Incurred In Auto Accident Cases

    Evaluating the criticalities of the damages caused can become a challenge without the support of the accident attorneys from the L. Clayton Burgess law office. Our lawyers have handled several cases where victims suffered several losses

    1- Medical expenditure
    2- Hospital Bills
    3- Surgery costs
    4- Rehabilitation fees
    5- Medication
    6- Pathological expenses
    7- Doctor visits

    8- Loss of present and future earning capacities
    9- Property damages
    10- Physical pain and sufferings
    11- Emotional stresses
    12- Loss of loved ones

    Why Us For Your Need Of Auto Accident Attorney Monroe?

    Our team consists of extremely dedicated professionals who have an unbelievable track record of tackling and winning complex cases. They have recovered millions and helped victims to get back to their regular life. Our professionals work on a contingency fee basis, which means you only pay them after you receive your claim amount. Call our auto accident attorney in Monroe without any hesitation and build a strong case to recover the maximum amount of compensation.

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