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Busting 5 Myths About Traumatic Brain Injuries in a Trucking Accident

Traumatic brain injuries can turn out to be the most devastating result of a trucking accident, slip and fall accident, an assault, or sports injury. Traumatic brain injury survivors often face costly rehabilitation and may require intensive medical care for the rest of their lives. Also, after an injury, the financial toll on families is enormous.

The brain is a complicated organ, and a sudden jolt or bump may cause damage to the brain. Trucking accidents are often a common cause of TBI due to the difference in size between gigantic trucks and cars. Some of the common TBI symptoms include:

  • Changes in speech patterns
  • Emotional and psychological changes
  • Changes in memory

The trucking accident attorneys in Alexandria at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess can provide free case evaluation because our compassionate attorneys understand what TBI victims go through. In this post, we bust 5 myths about trucking accident traumatic brain injuries:

Myth 1: I don’t have TBI because I did not hit my head in the accident

One of the most common misconceptions is direct strikes to the head lead to traumatic brain injury. The fact of the matter is TBI can also result if your head never made contact with anything. Traumatic brain injuries include the hitting of the brain against the skull. So, minor whiplash may also lead to traumatic brain injuries.  In such cases, you may not get hit directly on your head but can suffer a TBI. Symptoms such as headache and confusion may occur days after the accident.

Myth 2: Traumatic brain injury is not serious

Unfortunately, people suffering from traumatic brain injuries are dismissed by those around them. However, even mild TBI may lead to long-term impacts such as degenerative brain disease, loss of memory, and altered emotional responses. In some instances, the effects can be permanent. So, even if the accident seems minor, don’t hesitate to seek medical treatment.

Myth 3: Helmets can prevent traumatic brain injury

It’s a well-acknowledged fact that helmets go a long way in preventing head injuries. Helmets usually save lives in bicycle, motorcycle, and construction accidents. If your motorcycle collides with a truck and you walk away from the accident with your skull intact, it does not mean that you did not suffer any injury. Irrespective of how much padding you have on your head, severe brain injuries can still occur.

Myth 4: Traumatic brain injury symptoms are similar for everyone

Most victims make the mistake of believing that traumatic brain injury symptoms are the same in every case. However, it’s essential to understand that brain injuries can impact specific areas of the brain, and there are no particular symptoms that apply to all trucking accident victims. There are, in fact, many factors that can determine the type of symptoms such as:

  • The physical condition of the victim
  • Nature of the accident
  • Characteristics of the patient including height and weight

As there are different symptoms, the traumatic brain injury recovery process is also different.

Myth 5: Injury symptoms appear instantly after the accident

TBI symptoms do not appear immediately after the collision. Though victims may experience slight pain and headache after the crash, other symptoms such as loss of memory and those affecting mental conditions may not appear after the accident. As each case is unique, so observing the changes in behavior is essential. If you notice your loved one is struggling after an accident, seek medical assistance right away.

Legal Assistance for Your Traumatic Brain Injury Claim

Managing the consequences of traumatic brain injuries can be challenging. As people do not experience similar symptoms, it can manifest differently in each case. Only an accurate understanding of TBI can help you to recover damages for all the losses. If you need representation for your TBI claim, our trucking accident attorneys in Alexandria have the experience, understanding, and insight necessary to support TBI victims.

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