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Debunking 4 Common Misconceptions About Trucking

Commercial trucks are significant to America’s economy, but they also pose a threat to roadway safety. Trucking collisions are often devastating for small vehicles due to the gigantic size and immense weight of trucks. Our trucking accident lawyers in Baton Rouge, LA debunk 4 common myths about truck driving:

Myth: Large rear-mirrors enhance a truck driver’s visibility

Fact: The length of a truck’s trailer creates dangerous blind spots. Usually, blind spots range about 20 feet in front of the rig, 30 feet behind, two lanes to the right, and one lane to the left. It’s a common myth that large mirrors in a truck mean better visibility. It’s prudent to drive at a suitable distance from trucks, whenever possible.

Myth: Trucking companies ensure the safety of trucks

Fact: The explanation that trucking companies ensure the safety of their trucks when they hit the roads is not true. The wagon driving next to your car poses a great danger to other roadway traffic. While on the road the truck could experience a brake failure or some other mechanical malfunction due to irregular maintenance. The driver could cause an accident because of driving long hours on the road or get distracted while behind the wheel.

Myth: It’s the truck driver’s duty to prevent accidents

Fact: Every motorist on the road has an obligation to avoid accidents, including trucking collisions. When behind the wheel, make sure you dedicate complete focus to the road and remain alert at all times.

Myth: Truck drivers are less likely to cause accidents

Fact: Though truck drivers undergo specialized training to operate gigantic trucks, a truck driver could engage in negligent practices and cause devastating accidents.

If you or someone you love has become a victim of a trucking accident, do not hesitate to get in touch with seasoned attorneys. Our trucking accident lawyers in Baton Rouge, LA have the relevant skills, knowledge, and experience to tackle your case. As trucking accident cases are complicated, having the right resources to support your case is essential.

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