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Dog Bites

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    Understanding and Preventing Dog Bites: A Comprehensive Guide

    Louisiana is a state that loves the great outdoors. Whether it’s hunting dogs, fancy dogs, or mutts- you see them on hunting trips and in parks.  Our state dog is the beloved Catahoula hound. Unfortunately, most people only think about dog bites and the law after they’ve had a dog bite them.

    Despite their long history as man’s best friend, dogs descend from wild and predatory animals. Sometimes they act instinctively.  The teeth of predators can tear and crush flesh and bone. Even tiny toy dogs are capable of giving you a nasty gash that could leave you needing stitches.  In very rare circumstances, large dogs or groups of dogs can maul a person to death.

    Dog bite injuries can include:

    Fractures or dislocations
    Secondary infections
    Puncture Wounds

    An unexpected dog bite can cause serious and life-changing injuries. Have you or a loved one experienced nerve damage, disfigurement, or psychological trauma from being bitten by a dog? These types of medical bills are very expensive and time-consuming.

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    An unexpected dog bite can cause serious and life changing injuries.

    Who gets bitten by dogs?

    Like most accidents, dog bites can happen to anyone. The elderly and children are particularly vulnerable to attacks from dogs. This is because of their slower reaction time and frailty. Repairmen or delivery workers are more at risk for bites. This is because they spend most of their time traveling to people’s homes. They encounter strange dogs more often than most people.  According to the CDC, unintentional dog bites accounted for 349,734 injuries in the U.S. in 2014. They were 15th in overall causes of injuries for that year.

    Source:  Leading Causes of Nonfatal Injury Reports, 2001 – 2014

    The most grievous injuries happen to small children. Children, in particular, are at risk for serious bites to the face, head, or neck. This is because they are level with dogs and do not have the advantage of adult size to protect themselves. To minimize the risk to children, it is best to never leave a small child unsupervised with a dog. Most bites sustained by children come from a family dog or a neighbor’s dog.

    What type of injuries can dogs cause?

    Bites can damage blood vessels and nerve tissues. Severe lacerations from bites can lead to blood loss and shock. Most injuries sustained from dog bites are on the hands and arms or the feet and legs.

    The most concerning thing about dog bites is the risk of infection. The mouths of animals contain bacteria that can cause secondary infections in wounds. Animals may carry these infections without showing any symptoms. In the decades before vaccination programs, dogs often carried rabies. Widespread vaccination efforts in the U.S. have lowered the risk of rabies from domestic animals. But you should always check with a doctor and let them decide if you are at risk for rabies or any other infections.

    In modern times, there are other diseases and infections that are more commonly caught from animals bites. Tetanus and MRSA (antibiotic-resistant Staph) can occur with animal bites and scratches.

    See a healthcare provider immediately if:

    You suspect infection. Infected wounds are swollen, red, painful, or warm to the touch.
    The dog is a strange dog and you don’t know if the dog has a current rabies vaccination or not.

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