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Does My Case Need a Lawyer’s Assistance?

Does My Case Need a Lawyer?

Generally speaking, if it’s a big change in your life or a serious event, you want to consider contacting a lawyer. Not every problem needs help from a lawyer. But there are some specific circumstances where it’s in your best interest to have one. Some commonly accepted reasons are:

• Someone filed a lawsuit against you
• Involvement in legal proceedings
• A major accident that caused injuries and/or property damage
• Discrimination or harassment in your workplace
• Workmen’s Comp or Disability Claim Denial
• Maltreatment by police or law enforcement

Insurance Company Games

Minor accidents where no one is injured are often not worth getting an attorney involved. But, if you’ve been in an accident and the police didn’t assign blame or your claim was denied, you should consult a lawyer.

Insurance companies typically deny claims where blame isn’t immediately assigned. Some even deny claims automatically, hoping people will give up. If a claim involves multiple insurance agencies, they will fight over which is responsible for a claim. These types of actions by insurance companies may cause significant delays in your claim.

It is important to be aware of the deadline to file a claim, which is one year from the date of the accident. Failing to timely file will bar your claim from being litigated forever. It is important to retain an attorney in for an accident in which you suffered injuries of any kind. You need to protect your rights. Insurance companies plan on you failing to meet that deadline. An experienced attorney will protect against that.

Time’s Ticking

One of the main ways an attorney helps laypeople is by filing legal paperwork. Legal documents alone are sometimes enough to get a resistant party to cooperate. They also act as a paper trail and establish proof that events happened at a certain time. If you don’t know how to fill out legal documents, they can be overwhelming. They often take a lot of time to produce and have many requirements. They can also be rejected for being incorrect. This can delay or even hurt your legal proceedings.

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